Hornady Introduces .300 and .338 RCM (Ruger Compact Magnum)

Hornady Press Release

Hornady RCM Ammunition.
Illustration courtesy of Hornady Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Hornady's New Ruger Compact Magnums are Extreme Cartridges for Extreme Hunting

Hornady knows that hunting elk, bighorn, brown bear, musk ox and African game can land you in some fairly extreme environments. And until now, hunters have used gear that hasn’t evolved much in the past 100 years.

The paradigm has shifted. Hornady’s new Ruger Compact Magnum cartridges afford hunters a rifle/cartridge combination that will allow them to take their hunting to new levels of performance.

Based on the beltless 375 Ruger case, the 300 and 338 Ruger Compact Magnums match 300 and 338 Win Mag performance. The kicker is the RCMs do it in a well-balanced quick-handling rifle.

Anyone who has spent much time in the woods with a long barreled rifle knows they can be ungainly, heavy, and not too quick inthe hand. But shorten the rifle a few inches and you immediately feel the difference. Plus, a shorter barrel is more rigid, making the gun stronger and more accurate.

To that end, Ruger® has made a number of modifications to the M77® Hawkeye® to create the perfect mate to the new RCM Cartidges. These new rifles are built around Ruger’s rock solid short action and feature 20" barrels, crisp LC6 triggers and updated stock dimensions to improve handling. All in a compact, fast-handling package that tips the scale at just over 6.5 lbs.

    • Exceeds 300 & 338 Win Mag performance from a compact 20" barrel
    • Optimized propellants and case geometry deliver more velocity with 10-15% less powder
    • Longer barrel life
    • Less recoil
    • Less muzzle blast
    • Superior temperature stability from -15°F to 140°F
    • Extreme cartridges for extreme hunting!

Magnum performance in a package you don’t need a gun bearer to carry!

Any veteran big game hunter will tell you the 30-06 and 300 Winchester Magnum are the standards by which other cartridges in the class are judged. And the 300 Win Mag is a great cartridge. But to be efficient, it requires a 24" barrel - a 26" barrel is better.

Hornady’s new 300 Ruger Compact Magnum, available in 150, 165 and 180 grain offerings, deliver 300 Win Mag level performance, but do it in a much shorter package. The new 338 RCM, in 200 gr SST and 225 grSST, provides a compact, quick-handling alternative to the 338 Win Mag.

The new Ruger Compact Magnums deliver this performance using 10-15% less propellant than other magnums. This means longer barrel life. The new RCMs also produce less recoil and muzzle blast due to smaller propellant payload, and best of all, the efficient case geometry delivers exceptional velocities from 20" barrels. Hornady’s propellant technology allows for VERY little temperature sensitivity from -15ºF to 140ºF.

Hornady RCM Ammunition.
Illustration courtesy of Hornady Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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