Federal Premium Introduces the .338 Federal:
The First Centerfire Rifle Cartridge to Bear Its Name

Federal Press Release

.338 Federal ammo.
Illustration courtesy of Federal Cartridge.

The new .338 Federal is a cartridge that provides the energy of a 7mm Rem. Mag. in a necked-up .308 case. It's the ultimate big game caliber designed with reasonable recoil for today's lightweight rifles. It exhibits great performance on a variety of large game and is the first ever rifle cartridge to earn the right to bear the Federal name on its headstamp.

Federal Cartridge Company pioneered the Premium ammunition category in 1977. With decades of successful manufacturing, forward-thinking and outstanding quality, only one thing was missing--Federal's own cartridge.

This void is now filled with a unique combination of two time-tested designs, the .338 bullet atop the versatile .308 cartridge case. It's a combination that's been made a legitimate cartridge by the development efforts of the engineering and ballistics staff at Federal in collaboration with Sako rifles. A larger diameter bullet in the shorter-action .308 case generates approximately 200 feet per second more velocity than a standard .308 with a 30-caliber bullet (when similar bullet weights are compared).

The .338 Federal delivers the only modern .338-caliber load that isn't a magnum configuration. It gives big game hunters a larger diameter bullet for more weight and overall energy on target without magnum recoil.

According to Federal President Mark DeYoung, "This product breaks new ground for Federal and compliments our emphasis on product innovation. The .338 Federal captures the capability of the longstanding .308 case, and offers the respected performance of the .338 bullet, a favorite of big game hunters. These two mainstays have been proven time and again and are now brought together into a quality factory load. This cartridge also offers an advanced option in support of the current trend for lighter rifles. The .338 Federal offers hunters more muzzle energy than a 30-06 Springfield, in some cases equaling that of a 7mm Rem. Mag. It's a non-magnum offering that boasts magnum energy. The round delivers devastating performance on game, including deer, bear and elk and we're proud to put our name on it."

Three Premium load offerings will be available in the fall of 2006:

  • P338FA1: 180-grain Nosler AccuBond at 2830 fps
  • P338FB: 210-grain Nosler Partition at 2630 fps
  • P338FC: 185-grain Barnes Triple-Shock at 2750 fps

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