Benchmaster: The World's Best Shooting Table?

By Randy Wakeman

Benchmaster Shooting Table
Photo by Randy Wakeman.

I'm far too lazy to set up a shooting table, so I asked Buddy the Wonderdog to do it. It took him about two minutes. Here, Buddy is asking what I thought of the job he did. I think he did beautifully. As the generous handwheels that instantly lock the legs in place are not exactly paw-wheels, humans can of course beat Buddy's set up time by a bit. Nevertheless, here we have an experienced pointer pointing up how easy it is to set up the Benchmaster.

The tested product's full name is quite a mouthful. It is Benchmaster Mark Thompson Signature Edition Folding Shooting Table. I'm not always clever enough to be able to remember all that, so I'll just refer to it as the Benchmaster Shooting Table. It is the only shooting table that carries the Benchmaster name, so there isn't much confusion possible. I know of nothing remotely like it on the market.

The Benchmaster folds flat for packing. It weighs about fifty pounds, fifty-two pounds according to UPS to be precise, with the packaging materials. When you slip it out of the box, you'll be amazed how big and generously strong this unit is. The tabletop dimensions are 24.5 inches wide by 36 inches long, more than roomy enough for most any rifle, bag and cradle, shooting rest array I have. It is all tough, powder-coated metal with everything completely integral, including the seat. There are no loose parts nor is anything added or taken away when you set it up. There is also a built in carrying handle, so this table can be quickly moved to accommodate ambient conditions, different terrain and different ranges.

You can adjust the height of the table. You can adjust, rotate and extend the seat as you wish. You can adjust everything independently with the beefy galvanized threaded rod legs. Whether you shoot left-handed or right-handed, or are shooting on uneven ground, it takes but a few moments to get things both rock-steady and comfortable.

There are few things more practical or more often used than a high-end shooting table like this. You'll use it every time you sight in a rifle, pattern a shotgun, or shoot any firearm that works better with a steady platform in the field. There aren't too many accessories out there that will get used virtually every time you shoot, but a shooting table certainly qualifies. All too often, even some commercial shooting ranges have rickety, warped, thin sheet metal type shooting benches or decaying wooder benches that degrade accuracy. All of this goes away with the Benchmaster.

Part of my responsibility is to evaluate rifles and it is difficult to blame a rifle for an unsteady rest. Since I shoot essentially year around, this table is almost worth its weight in gold to me. I say “almost,” as gold is now upwards of $8000 a pound, so this table would be over $400,000 with that analogy. Thus, I'll characterize it as extremely valuable, but given the table or its weight in gold I'd be forced to take the gold.

Serious shooters will quickly appreciate the quality and usefulness of the Benchmaster. I suspect long-range varmint hunters that are seeking to drop a prairie dog on top of his mound at 500 yards will want one, as well. Despite its card table portability, easy to slip into the back of an SUV or truck, once you set it up you'll understand that the clean, strong welds aren't just for show. This is one tough, durable table. It runs about five hundred dollars and its usefulness is only limited by the user's ingenuity. It is made in the U.S.A. and has a lifetime warranty.

I highly recommend the Benchmaster. To get yours, go to I can't think of any active shooter than wouldn't greatly appreciate this shooting table.

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