BlackHawk J-Frame Holster with SERPA Technology

Press Release by Jolee Sturgell

BlackHawk®, in response to an overwhelming number of requests for a concealable holster for the popular S&W J-Frame revolvers, has announced the newest addition to the revolutionary line of CQC Holsters with SERPA technology.

BlackHawk's patented SERPA Technology'debuted in the CQC Holster line in 2004. These injection-molded holsters are made of carbon-fiber composites that are the strongest and lightest materials available to date. The SERPA's active retention mechanism engages the handgun's trigger guard and locks the handgun into place when holstered. The release is made using a normal drawing motion, with the trigger finger putting slight pressure on the holster body. A speed cut in the front of the holster allows for a more rapid presentation and ease of re-holstering.

Smith & Wesson made a small revolver or J-Frame design in the early 1950's with the introduction of the 5-shot .38 Special named the "Chiefs Special." Since that time, the Chiefs Special and other J-Frame models have become favorites for concealed carry and back up weapons.

"The SERPA J-Frame holster was developed for the civilian shooting sports market due to the huge demand from people who use J-Frames for concealed carry," Chuck Buis, Brand Manager for the BlackHawk CQC line said, "And lots of particularly gun-savvy police officers still use J-Frames also."

As with all BlackHawk CQC Holsters, the J-Frame comes standard with a belt loop and a paddle. Available where all BlackHawk products are sold, MSRP for the matte finish SERPA J-Frame Holster is $44.99.

For more information on the new BlackHawk J-Frame Holster, or for additional information on BlackHawk's complete line of products please contact: BlackHawk Products Group, 4850 Brookside Court, Norfolk, VA 23502-2052, 1.800.694.5263, or visit

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