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Blackhorn Powder
Illustration courtesy of Western Powders.

With the introduction of BLACKHORN 209, Western Powders has set a new standard in modern high performance muzzleloading propellants.

MILES CITY, MONTANA – Western Powders announced the release of a revolutionary new propellant for modern high performance inline 209 primed muzzleloading rifles. “This is the one muzzleloading propellant that lives up to its claims” says Doug Phair, president of Western Powders. “High performance, noncorrosive, no swabbing between shots and very low residue are standard features in Blackhorn 209.” Muzzleloading hunters will appreciate the non-corrosive and non-hygroscopic properties of Blackhorn 209. “There is no rush to clean you muzzleloader after use. The small amount of residue will not attract moisture and Blackhorn 209 is not corrosive” said Phair.

BLACKHORN 209 was introduced at the 2008 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas. Muzzleloading writers and industry personnel having a “first look” at BLACKHORN 209 have heralded Blackhorn 209 as a “Superb new muzzleloading propellant” and “The greatest advancement in muzzleloading propellant of the last decade.” The technology behind Blackhorn 209 provides the highest performance, cleanest burning and most reliable propellant for muzzleloading rifles available in the today’s market. “Performance, consistency, noncorrosive, no residue buildup, ease in cleaning, moisture and temperature insensitivity were uncompromising targets in the development of Blackhorn 209. Every one of these objectives and more was achieved” said Phair.

Superior ballistic performance was a crucial factor in the development of Blackhorn 209 and the results are remarkable by muzzleloading standards. Over 2,000 feet per second can be achieved with a 250 grain saboted bullet and a high degree of accuracy is maintained through ballistic superiority and low residue from firing.

Loading the second and subsequent saboted rounds in a muzzleloader can be a frustrating experience. Other muzzleloading propellants leave a hard residue that makes loading difficult and harmful to sabots. Blackhorn 209 eliminates the frustration with almost no residue with no hard particles. “Load 5, 10, 20 or more tight-fitting bullet sabot projectiles as easily as the first. No other muzzleloading propellant can make this claim,” said Phair.

A major problem in muzzleloading is the corrosion caused by fouling residue left after firing the propellants currently available. Corrosion and rust in the barrel occurs not only from these solid residues left behind, but also from the high level of moisture these solids residues will attract. Blackhorn 209 is free of solid corrosive causing residues, will not attract moisture after firing and will not leave a “Crud Ring.”

Western Powders is a Montana firm specializing in propellants and gun care products. Ramshot. Accurate, Montana X-Treme and Blackhorn 209 are the exclusive brands of Western Powders. For more information telephone Western Powders Inc. at: 406-234-0422.

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