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The Column, No. 108:

Freedom Rings Loud at Record-Breaking 1000 Man Shoot

By Lisa Martens for Henry Repeating Arms

Firing line at 1000 Man Shoot
A view from the firing line at the Henry 1000 Man Shoot held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday, November 14, 2016 where 1000 proud Americans simultaneously fired two shots from commemorative Henry Golden Boy Silver 1000 Man Edition .22 caliber rifles.

Phoenix, AZ (November 14, 2016) - Henry Repeating Arms and the NRA complete successful, record-breaking, 1000 Man Shoot. Less than a week after one of the most important elections of our lifetime, Henry Repeating Arms and the National Rifle Association (NRA) came together in an unsurpassed display of support for the Second Amendment at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

On Monday, November 14th, 1000 proud shooters from 16 states stood side-by-side in a line spanning a mile and a half long and simultaneously fired two shots from a commemorative Henry Golden Boy Silver 1000 Man Edition .22 caliber rifle under the close supervision of the NRA.

The world record-breaking event was a combined effort between Henry Repeating Arms, one of the country's leading firearms manufacturers, and the National Rifle Association. Henry donated the custom engraved rifles and all proceeds will support various NRA initiatives, including those targeted towards promoting Firearms Safety, Youth Shooting Sports, Disabled Shooters and the Eddie Eagle Child Safety programs, as well as the NRA's unwavering efforts to protect our country's Second Amendment rights. A million-dollars is expected to be raised.

Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms commented on the event, "The Henry 1000 Man Shoot was all that I had hoped it would be and more. Looking out at a sea of 1000 participants, their families and 400 volunteers was very emotional. There was a tremendous sense of patriotism and I will never forget it."

During his welcome speech Imperato reminded the crowd, "Whether we have a President that supports the Second Amendment, we should never be asleep at the wheel and we must always continue to fight for our freedoms and traditions. Let's send a loud message to whatever powers that be, that we will never give up the fight. Let Freedom Ring!"

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