The Column, No. 89:

The 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

After Reed Exhibitions of the UK showed their true colors (anti-gun) and banned many modern sporting rifles from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in 2013 (which was subsequently canceled), a lot of folks wondered if the National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF) would continue with Reed as the organizer of the 2014 SHOT Show. Proving that they would not be intimidated by Reed, the NSSF severed all ties with Reed and opted for a new organizer. That, of course, left a lot of folks wondering whether they could pull it off on such short notice. Well, they did.

The NSSF proved that they could not only do without Reed Exhibitions, but could put on an even better and bigger show. It is our personal opinion that American companies that have used Reed Exhibitions in the past should rethink their positions and cut these anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment folks loose.

For those folks not privy to the financial benefits of the firearms industry in the U.S., target shooters and hunters added more than $110 billion dollars (that is BILLION) to the economy in 2011, which supported more than 866,000 jobs. The NSSF expends a considerable amount of their revenue from the show to carry out its mission of promoting, protecting and preserving hunting and the shooting sports. They are also front and center in promoting responsible firearm ownership and safe storage practices. These facts are completely overlooked by the current anti-gun crowd in Washington, from the lowest congress person in California to the president of the United States.

The 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV, running from January 14th - 18th was the biggest and best ever. With attendees from all fifty states and over a hundred countries, this year's show attracted more than 67,000 attendees, an increase of 5,000 over the 2013 show. There were more than 1,300 companies from around the world exhibiting their products, utilizing 635,000 square feet of space. That is more than 14 acres of displays.

With all of the new guns, gadgets and products on display for 2014, it was clearly impossible to see everything, so we encourage you to go to the website of your favorite company and check out their new offerings.

To highlight just a few of the new products:

  • Glock displayed their new Model 42, chambered in .380 caliber, with a 6+1 capacity. This is sure to be popular as a concealed carry weapon.
  • ArmaLite unveiled their M-15 tactical rifle with a 18" heavy stainless steel barrel (1:8" twist). Even though we are not partial to this style firearm, we sure wouldn't mind having one.
  • Nosler introduced their new 26 Nosler® cartridge. This cartridge takes advantage of the high B.C. of their .264 bullets. The cartridge, when loaded with the Nosler® 129 grain AccuBond® Long Range™ bullet, has a muzzle velocity of 3,400 fps. The case is non-belted and headspaced off of the shoulder to enhance accuracy. It will reuire a standard length action (270, 30-06). As of this writing, we do not know which firearm companies will begin chambering for this cartridge.
  • Ruger introduced their redesigned Red Label O/U shotgun and it is a beauty. A selective automatic ejector O/U, it opens and closes easily. This may well be the best mass produced shotgun on the market. We recommend that you check it out before buying anything else.
  • Ruger also introduced the 50th Anniversary Model of their popular 10/22 rifle. This is what every 10/22 shooter has wanted for years. It comes with an adjustable length of pull stock, picatinny rail, flash hider and winged (protected) front sight. Hopefully, after the 50th anniversary models are sold out, Ruger will continue making this rifle as a standard model.
  • Remington is getting back into the airgun market with their Express and Express Compact rifles, both made in China. They feature a classic wood stock, complete with checkering and appear to be very well made. Unfortunately, they won't be available in the U.S. until the early summer. The rumored Remington muzzleloader did not appear, but everyone hopes that sometime in 2014, they will get back into the inline market.
  • Mossberg introduced their line of Duck Commander shotguns; pumps and semi-automatics. Eleven new models in all. There was a gun to satisfy every waterfowl hunter on the planet. As for us, we want one of each.
  • B.P.I. unveiled their new CVA Black Nitride Accura MR (mountain rifle) in .50 caliber. With the black nitride treated barrel, it is sure to reduce the swabbing time between shots and will be highly corrosion resistant. We look forward to testing this one in 2014.
  • Traditions Firearms showcased their .50 caliber Vortek StrikerFire muzzleloader. Although not truly new for 2014, it was the first time a lot of folks had seen a big-name hammerless inline muzzleloader. It's a fine looking gun and we hope to test it in 2014.

There were literally thousands of new products at the show, and after four days of walking and talking, we were exhausted. We could continue to highlight the products from the booths we visited, but you get the idea. The SHOT Show is an event that everyone who is involved with the trade needs to attend. Once again, visit the website of your favorite company to find out what they have new for 2014, and keep checking back here for Guns and Shooting Online articles and reviews.

We will be reviewing more than 40 new products for Guns and Shooting Online in the coming months, including items from Motorola, SJK, B.P.I., Case, Battenfeld, FoxPro, GAMO/BSA and Columbia River, to mention just a few. This was our sixth SHOT Show and it won't be our last. We will be back in Las Vegas next year.

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