The Column, No. 90:

Firearm Confiscation Next in Connecticut

By Shults Media Relations

It is unusual for a PR firm to send out a notice like this, but then again we are a strong supporter of the Constitution and Bill of Rights (what's left of them).

Connecticut voters have put into state office liberal politicians. They did it to themselves much like other states, including like our state of Colorado, has.

You may have heard of Connecticut's new 2013 law stating that "Assault Weapons" (their term) had to be registered along with many different types and calibers of "high capacity magazines" magazines by January 1, 2014 or they would be illegal.

Recently some 200+ gun owners who did not meet this deadline contacted the state to attempt to late register. They received a letter from the State stating in more detail, but using these words, the gun owner's options:

  1. Render the weapon/magazines inoperable
  2. Sell the weapon/magazines to a licensed dealer
  3. Remove the assault weapon/magazines from the state
  4. Make arrangements to relinquish the weapon/magazines to a police department

There are no other options. The requests are now in police files and not to comply could at an undisclosed time cause a search to be conducted, with confiscation and arrests made at the gun owners residence. There is no provision in the letter from the State as to how the AR or illegal magazine's owner is to prove to the state, should a friendly SWAT team show up at their residence, that they complied with the letter.

These now self-confessed felon gun owners (by their own words, thanks to their requests to the State on how to late register their arms and magazines) do not know how much time they have or anything else, but the State police do.

If people continue to think that elections are not that important . . ..

G&S Online Editor's Comment: Good reason not to comply with firearms registration schemes!

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