The Democratic Party: Not Evil, Just Misguided

By Schuyler Barnum

I am a centrist when it comes to politics. I'm middle ground by average. I have opinions from both the liberal and conservative points of view. I take a look at a situation, and take in the facts, and decide which side makes more sense to me. I do realize, though, that more than once I may have come across as almost a member of the John Birch Society. This is because my political opinions are often very strong, but I don't choose to go with all my political opinions on one side of the political spectrum. I am, for example, an environmentalist who is also a very, very staunch gun rights advocate.

Unlike many who are staunch gun rights activists, though, I have never believed that the Democratic Party wants the downfall of America. Actually, they want to preserve it, just like the Republicans. Also like the Republicans, they are often misguided. This is endemic to all political parties, in my opinion. So give them a break! Well, sort of. Below I'm going to list out why I think they're view is rather, well, stupid when it comes to firearms but keep in mind while you're reading this that you've probably got some opinion that is relatively similar in formation to the Democratic view of firearms. Just hold your horses and you'll figure it out by the end.

The Democratic Party's most notable fallacy, when it comes to firearms, is that they think that guns cause crime. If you really take a look at it, this would imply that without guns, there would be no crime. A simple look at history makes this argument ludicrous from the get-go.

However, guns do make it easier to commit a crime. This is because the gun is the great equalizer--if you have a gun, you are equal to all others. There is nothing about strength or whatnot, it's just if you have that gun and you can shoot it.

This also, of course, means that people on the supposedly receiving end of a criminal's gun can easily turn the tables with their own gun and make the criminal on the receiving end. Interestingly enough, guns are more often used to protect than to kill. However, the fact that guns are actually used more to protect than to kill is always overlooked by the Democratic Party. Why? Because it doesn't support their agenda. If you want to argue something logically, listen to the real evidence and you'll figure things out.

For example, there is a definite correlation between the banning of handguns in Britain and the rise of crime. There is also a correlation between concealed carry in certain states and the subsequent decrease of crime in those states. These numbers on their own should be enough, but apparently they aren't. They ignore the facts about firearms and continue trying to spin them to their own views.

A very common argument of the Democratic Party against firearm ownership is the mention of the militia in the Second Amendment, the Amendment to the Constitution covering firearms. However, they conveniently forget to notice something else about the Second Amendment. Does it say, ". . . the right of the Militia to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"? No, obviously it doesn't. It says, ". . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." This is vitally important and it clearly states that the people have the right to keep and bear arms.

An interesting recent legacy of the Democratic Party has been to label certain guns more dangerous purely based upon looks. This is a stupid idea if I've ever heard one, and I've heard plenty. The Assault Weapons Ban essentially banned a few cosmetic things on firearms instead of actually changing a firearm's effectiveness. Effectiveness is based on a myriad of factors, and in the firearms world "nothing is a free lunch". Even the supposedly more dangerous fully automatic fire that is usually the first thing mentioned in a news report (even if it wasn't a fully automatic gun) actually has the very serious drawback that it vastly reduces your ability to hit anything. Take, for example, the infamous North Hollywood Shootout--the culprits fired some 1,000 rounds of ammunition while actually scoring very few hits.

Also, there is a lot of outcry from the Democratic Party for firearms safety (like they really care about gun owners!). They demand intricate mechanical safeties and wingdings that in the end accomplish nothing. There is no way to put true firearms safety better than this: Firearms safety is between the shooter's ears.

In the end, virtually all of the anti-gun arguments are invalid in one way or another. The main reason why Democrats don't take a look at the facts is because, more than anything else, they don't want to. But don't worry, all political parties do that.

I'll let the reader continue reading further on this one, but keep in mind that we're all human beings. There are only a relatively few in the entire world who can genuinely be described as evil, but there are a heck of a lot of the "misguided."

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