Why Do Liberals Hate Guns?

By Lou W.

Have you ever wondered why it is that liberal Democrats hate guns so much? I have. I think about it a lot, whenever I think how nice it would be if New Jersey became a "shall issue" state. Really though, why do liberal Democrats, who like to pose as supporters of individual liberties, hate guns? What is the motivation behind their position? Here are a few thoughts.

1. Liberal Democrats Hate Gun Owners

Gun owners, as a general rule, are more conservative and are more likely to vote Republican. Gun owners are also more likely to join the Armed forces and to give unqualified support to our troops. Gun owners are also more likely to think it was a good idea for people like Richard Nixon to go after communists like Alger Hiss. Many gun owners supported the Vietnam War. Some of them allowed themselves to be drafted and others went so far as to enlist of their own accord. These, however, are all things that liberal Democrats despise. If gun owners are in favor of these hated things, guns must be very bad.

2. Gun Control as a Means to Attain Political Power

Many misguided people have an honest aversion to guns and would prefer the enactment of strict gun control regulations. In this great country they are entitled to their opinion and to vote their beliefs. The liberal Democrats know this and use these people as a means to win elections.

The liberal Democrats are actually an unholy alliance of single issue voting blocs. The liberal Democrats believe that they can win at the ballot box if they support the following issues and groups: abortion, homosexuality, affirmative action, opposition to school vouchers, anti-religious sentiment, radical feminists and big labor unions.

Gun control is just another special interest in their bag of tricks. The best example of this is the assault weapons ban. Every rational person knows that the ban eliminates certain guns based on cosmetic features. Bayonet lugs and flash suppressors do not make semi-automatic guns more deadly or more suitable for criminal use! However, the assault weapon ban is the ideal wedge to use in a heated political debate. ("My Republican and Libertarian opponents are against the assault weapons ban!")

3. Liberal Democrats Hate African-Americans

Despite their protestations to the contrary, much of the push for gun control comes from liberal Democrats who want to keep guns out of the hands of black people. Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City are places with large minority populations and very restrictive gun laws.

Also, the people who push for gun control come from cushy places where minorities are not welcome (except as servants). How many working class African-Americans hang out in places like Brentwood, California or Beacon Hill and Hyannis, Massachusetts? People who do not want minorities to have guns like gun control.

4. Liberal Democrats Hate the Constitution

The Constitution protects the individual rights of individuals and it protects individuals from the State. Liberal Democrats hate this. They believe that they know what's good for us, how to use our money better than we do, and they know whether I should be allowed to carry a gun on my person to protect myself, my family and my Synagogue. How else do you explain that liberal Democrats find a right to abortion emanating from the penumbra of the Constitution, but cannot seem to find any individual right at all in the Second Amendment?

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Copyright 2004 by Lou W. All rights reserved.

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