The New Hunter's Edge Knife from Savage
A quick-change, multiple-blade knife designed by hunters for hunters

(Savage Arms Press Release)

Savage Hunter's Edge
Illustration courtesy of Savage Arms.

Savage Arms, a firearms manufacturer legendary for out-of-the-box accuracy at an affordable price, introduces the Hunter's Edge, a quick-change, multiple-bladed knife. Designed by Savage, the Hunter's Edge features a stainless steel handle with hardwood inlays and offers four separate blades for four distinct purposes-a drop point blade, a gut hook blade, a saw blade, and a fillet.

Ron Coburn, Chairman and CEO of Savage Sports Corporation evaluated the knife on numerous hunts, "One knife with a single blade design does not suit all applications, and that is why we designed the Hunter's Edge to offer the full gamut in hunting solutions. Considering the harshness of the hunting environment you're often in, we knew it was necessary to provide the hunter with multiple edged tools that would stand up to severe conditions, including water, cold, snow, salt air, etc. It's definitely a hunter's friend and each blade is easy to attach, detach and clean. There were no shortcuts when it comes to the materials and design of this product. It's another indication of Savage's commitment to provide a functional and quality tool designed by hunters for hunters."

The Hunter's Edge offers the best of all worlds-a folding knife with the rigidity of a fixed blade that can be switched out, according to the situation. The blades are manufactured using the best stainless steel to resist corrosion. Each blade is heat treated and tempered to achieve the appropriate hardness--too soft, and the blade will not hold an edge--too brittle and the blade is more difficult to sharpen and it will not survive impact or side-pressure.

Changing the blades is easy. You simply open the blade to a 90 degree angle, grasp the blade on the unsharpened side, firmly depress the release button, and remove the blade from the handle. Unlike traditional exchangeable blade knives, there are no screws to fuss with and lose. When fully opened, the blade locks in place and must be manually released before it can be closed.

In addition to the four blades, the Hunter's Edge comes equipped with an industrial diamond sharpener that fits conveniently into a heavy-duty, double-stitched, nylon sheath. The sheath can be attached to a belt or a firearm sling for easy access out in the field, and the built-in nylon liners resists cutting. The knife is sold exclusively on Savage's website.

Key Specifications:

Overall length: 8.5"
Weight: .4lbs
Price: $60.00 (available online only)

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