Kimber 84M .308 Longmaster Classic

Jon Y. Wolfe

Kimber 84M LongMaster Classic
Illustration courtesy of Kimber Manufacturing, Inc.

The Kimber 84M Longmaster Classic is a well balanced hunting rifle with a match grade barrel, trigger and chamber. It is essentially identical to the 84M with the exception of the 24 inch stainless steel, fluted bull barrel. It is currently offered only in .308 Winchester and .22-250 Remington. Incorporated into its design are a ball bearing three position Model 70 type wing safety, Mauser type bolt with controlled round feeding and extraction, two front locking lugs with a rear lug for safety, milled steel floor plate and trigger guard, magazine floor plate release inside the trigger guard, open topped receiver for easy field loading, one inch rubber recoil pad, glass bedded action, and a weight of just 7.2 pounds. The fine Walnut stock is superbly checkered and has a classic, hand rubbed oil finish.

At the heart of this Kimber is its effectiveness as a precision long range hunting rifle combined with the balance and classic feel of an easy to carry sporter. Kimber accomplished this feat by designing their model 84M specifically for short action cartridges. The inclusion of a match grade trigger, chamber, and barrel set this rifle apart from other production rifles in its price range.

The Kimber 84M reviewed for this article is equipped with a Bushnell Elite 4200, 4-16X40 scope mounted on Kimber bases and Leupold medium rings. The total weight with scope is 8.4 lbs. Overall length is 43.5 inches, length of pull is 13.75 inches, and actual barrel length is 23.3 inches. The rubber recoil pad is .5 inch with a .5 inch black polymer spacer.

The trigger break is clean with minimal creep. The factory trigger setting is 3.2 lbs. I had no loading or extraction problems, and once adjusted the scope held its zero. The .308 cartridge truly shines in a 24 inch barrel and I am certainly pleased with its performance thus far. One significant attribute of this rifle is the ability to shoot successive shoots without a significant change in the point of impact as the barrel becomes heated. This is a nice attribute at the range, but seldom would be a consideration when hunting big game.

Accuracy has been very consistent in this rifle. To this point I have tried 3 factory loads and 5 hand loads. This rifle really likes Federal factory loads, specifically the 150 grain Nosler ballistic tip and the 150 grain Speer Grand Slam. Each shoots consistent 1 to 1.5 inch groups and chronographed velocity averages were 2880 fps and 2895 fps respectively.

The Kimber 84M Longmaster Classic is accurate, durable, and reliable with many excellent and desirable features. It should satisfy the most demanding hunter.


  • Make and Model: Kimber Model 84M LongMaster Classic
  • Type: Long range hunting rifle
  • Action: Bolt, repeater
  • Stock: Claro A grade walnut
  • Caliber Reviewed: .308 Winchester
  • Best Features: All steel barreled action; Smooth action; Controlled feed; Beveled extractor; Adjustable trigger; Safety blocks firing pin; Excellent bolt release; Attractive stock with hand rubbed oil finish; Good ergonomics; Floorplate release in trigger guard; Large loading/ejection port
  • Worst Features: Round receiver body lacks integral recoil lug; Metal finish not highly polished
  • Overall Grade: B (Good)

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