The .270 Ren

By Chuck Hawks

Charles Rensing and Jim Rock designed this little cartridge in 1985 for NRA Hunter Pistol Silhouette competition, where only straight-walled cartridges are allowed. The .270 Ren is based on the .22 Hornet case necked-up to a straight wall configuration to accept standard .270 (.277" diameter) bullets.

The Ren is loaded with 90-110 grain bullets with maximum velocities in the 1600-1875 fps vicinity from a 10" barrel. Recoil is low. Merrill and Thompson/Center have offered single shot pistols in .270 REN. A T/C Contender Carbine or Encore single shot rifle in .270 REN would make an interesting and unusual alternative to a .25-20, .30 Carbine, or .32-20 rifle, but I know of no .270 Ren rifles in service at this time.

The .270 Ren is a rimmed, straight wall case 1.290" long (trim to 1.280"). The rim diameter is .350". The COL is 1.90".

Reloading data for the .270 Ren is included in the sixth edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading. As with any small capacity case, accurate powder charges are a must for safety. A starting load of 6.4 grains of H110 powder will drive a 100 grain Spire Point bullet at a MV of 1200 fps. A maximum load of 10.2 grains of H110 will drive the same bullet at a MV of 1600 fps. These Hornady loads were developed using reformed Winchester brass and Federal 200 primers, and tested in a Merill pistol with an 8" barrel.

The .270 Ren is an interesting wildcat that successfully fulfills a specific purpose.

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