Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada

By Chuck Hawks

Circus Circus, which opened in 1968, bills itself as "Las Vegas' Family Fun Stop," and pioneered the trend toward family oriented resorts in Las Vegas. It is geared toward families with children. There is also a large RV park on the premisis, one of its best features for those who travel by RV.

The continuous circus and somewhat tacky atmosphere appeals to kids, and the management has provided plenty of distractions to entertain children while their parents gamble. The casino seems particularly noisy. The Grand Slam Canyon Adventure Dome (indoor amusement park) reportedly cost 95 million dollars.

This is a large property with an awkward layout, particularly if your room is located in one of the several buildings staggered across the parking lot behind the casino. Shuttle bus service to the casino is provided, if you are willing to wait for it.

Restaurants, bars and all other facilities are often crowded and long lines are the norm much of the time. Food in the various restaurants and the buffet is fairly inexpensive, but generally indifferent, as is the service. Las Vegas has plenty of good restaurants a short cab ride away; one solution would be to hike to the nearby (by Las Vegas standards) Riviera for meals and cocktails.

Room rates at Circus Circus are among the lowest of any of the major resorts on the Strip, but the overall customer satisfaction rating is also low, and the majority of visitors report that they would not stay at Circus Circus again. I give Circus Circus a two-star minus (**-) rating. Circus Circus is owned by Mandalay Resort Group.

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