The Column, No. 19:

BPCR Hunting Association Opposes
World Hunting Association Competition Deer Hunting

By Toby Bridges

The International BPCR Hunting Association has taken a stand against the "competitive deer hunting tour" being promoted by the newly established World Hunting Association. Likewise, the Cape Girardeau, MO based organization that promotes greater hunting opportunities with old-style rifles and cartridges from the past strongly encourages other pro-hunting organizations and major hunting goods manufacturers to also oppose the efforts to take the great sport of deer hunting and turn it into nothing more than a televised game.

"There is something about competition deer hunting with tranquilizer guns that really turns my stomach," states International BPCR Hunting Association director Toby Bridges.

However, establishing a professional deer hunters' tour is exactly the goal of the World Hunting Association. And they hope to attract competitors by offering $600,000 in prize money. The organization's founder and C.E.O., David Farbman, has stated that through televised coverage of the events, the mission of the WHA is to help expand the next generation of hunters and hunting through, "Showcasing the true essence of offering exciting and educational content to provide more people facts about hunting."

To make the tournament hunts more acceptable, all deer taken during an event will be "harvested" by hunters using non-lethal tranquilizer guns.

"Hopefully, hunters will quickly realize that this is a mockery of real hunting...and that game departments will see it for what it really is, and that's the harassment of wildlife," claims Bridges.

The International BPCR Hunting Association does not see any educational or social benefits of such hunts. The organization feels that the televised events will have little more than limited entertainment value, which presents only the glory of trophy hunting to the non-hunting public. Totally missing will be all the true reasons why we continue to hunt today, and that's the time we spend afield with friends and family, the personal challenge of the hunt, the satisfaction of cleanly harvesting the game, enjoying the wild harvest and our individual contributions to wildlife management.

"To us, this just seems to be another attempt to capitalize on an outdoor sport, to turn it into something other that hunting. The World Hunting Association has already attracted a limited number of paying sponsors. In the end, these are likely to be the big losers, alienating real hunters who are sickened by the poor image of hunting that's projected by televised competition deer hunts. The network that does broadcast such events also stands to lose," comments Toby Bridges.

One major supplier of hunting gear who has already taken a stand against the WHA professional hunting tour is Bass Pro Shops, of Springfield, MO. In an open letter to its customers, vendors and conservation organizations, the company opposes the whole idea of competition deer hunting with tranquilizer guns.

In that letter they state, "We do not support drugging of these magnificent game animals nor do we support making hunting a professional tournament. At Bass Pro Shops we believe in the traditional methods of hunting and passing on the heritage of this great sport to future generations."

The International BPCR Hunting Association agrees 100-percent!

Editor's Note: Guns and Shooting Online fully supports the BPCR Hunting Association and Bass Pro Shops in their stand against the World Hunting Association and any type of "competitive deer hunting tour" and we urge our readers to do likewise.

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