The Column, No. 21:

The High Capacity Magazine Myth

By Schuyler Barnum

Many kids these days believe that high capacity magazines are the way to go. I would know about this, Iím sixteen years old. Then again, Iím not exactly your normal kid when it comes to guns.

However, I donít understand this obsession with huge magazines. They want at least 30 rounds, and beg for more. Rugerís oddity of a magazine type, the rotary, (Iíve never understood it) has a 30 round curved magazine replacement that sells like hot cakes at local stores. I hear kids obsessing about how good the "Tommy gun" (in and of itself a pain to a gun nutís ears, itís a Thompson, and state the model year!) must have been because of its drum magazine.

I learned how to shoot with the Boy Scouts. There, you have two choices: single shot or no shot. I can shoot a Marlin 925 with fairly good accuracy (within the 6 ring) on a NRA A-4 target (all BSA ranges are 50 feet), firing one shot every 2 to 3 seconds. Thatís fast. If I was standing, I could do it about one shot every 3 to 5 seconds. If you ask me, thatís shooting plenty fast enough.

Anyway, why do you need a high capacity magazine? What good does it do? Do you like having the extra weight under your barrel? The inability to do prone or sitting positions in a comfortable manner?

I will never understand the obsession with huge magazines. Five shots is a good amount, ten shots is a lot. But thirty or more? Thatís just stupid. Youíre not in a life or death military operation; you donít need that giant magazine on your 10/22. Then again, I guess Iím just not "with it."

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