Cor-Bon DPX Handgun Ammunition

By Chuck Hawks and the Guns and Shooting Online Staff

Cor-Bon DPX Handgun ammo box. Illustration courtesy of Cor-Bon.

Cor-Bon originally earned its reputation for excellence by producing high velocity/high energy jacketed hollow point (JHP) handgun ammunition that maximized stopping power. Building on that success they have, over the years, introduced other lines including Hunting, Match, Rifle, and Cowboy Action ammunition. Cor-Bon also manufactures Glaser Safety Slug and Pow'RBall ammunition. Cor-Bon ammunition is a premium product and is carefully assembled from top quality components including Barnes, Sierra and Swift bullets and virgin Starline cases.

The latest handgun ammunition product from Cor-Bon, as I write these words, is their DPX line. DPX is advertised as high energy, deeper penetrating and environmentally friendly handgun ammunition. Its Barnes-X solid copper hollow point bullet typically penetrates deeper than conventional JHP bullets of any given caliber and sectional density. This deeper than normal penetration results in a larger permanent crush cavity, as has been thoroughly demonstrated by testing in 10% ordinance gelatin.

We at Guns and Shooting Online first tried Cor-Bon DPX (the name is derived from Deep Penetrating + X-bullet) handgun ammo during our recent review of a Glock Model 20C 10mm Auto pistol. (You can find that review on the Product Review Page.) Pete Pi, Jr. of the Pi family that owns Cor-Bon graciously sent a supply of 10mm Cor-Bon DPX ammunition for use in that review. Technical Assistants Bob Fleck, Nathan Rauzon and I put both the Glock pistol and the 10mm Cor-bon DPX ammo through their paces. The results were impressive.

Cor-Bon's 10mm DPX load uses the 155 grain Barnes-X bullet at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 1200 fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 496 ft. lbs. from a 4.6" barrel. This is primarily a law enforcement and civilian personal defense load, but I imagine it would also make a satisfactory deer hunting load within the range limitation of the 10mm Auto cartridge.

The Barnes-X bullet typically retains virtually 100% of its weight in hunting applications. It is also noted for extremely high weight retention when shot through barriers such as wood, car doors, windshields, and heavy clothing.

The Glock pistol functioned 100% flawlessly with the DPX ammo despite the latter's rather large hollow point tip. Reliable function is, of course, a hallmark of Glock pistols.

DPX bullets recovered from a grass covered, muddy dirt berm down range retained about 100% of their original weight, just as advertised. Even the recovered DPX bullets that we fired into a pile of course land-fill gravel at 100 yards, although badly deformed, retained almost all of their original weight. These are the toughest hollow point pistol bullets that we have ever used.

They are, however lighter than typical lead core bullets of the same caliber and length. Or, to turn that around, X-Bullets are longer than lead core bullets of the same weight and caliber because copper is considerably lighter than lead. They will therefore extend deeper into the case, occupying more interior space when loaded to the same cartridge overall length. This may matter to reloaders, but is irrelevant to anyone buying factory loaded ammunition. Cor-Bon knows how to load X-Bullets.

10mm Auto is, of course, not the only caliber in the DPX line. In fact, the list of DPX handgun calibers/bullet weights includes 9x19/115 grain, .357Mag./125 grain, .357 SIG/125 grain, .380 ACP/80 grain, .38 Spec./110 grain, .40 S&W/140 grain, .400 Cor-Bon/155 grain, .44 Spec./200 grain, .44 Mag./225 grain, .45 GAP/160 grain, .45 ACP/160 grain, .45 ACP +P/185 grain, .45 Colt +P/225 grain, .454 Casull/250 grain, .460 S&W/275 grain, .460 S&W/200 grain, .480 Ruger/275 grain, .500 S&W Spec./275 grain, .500 S&W Mag./275 grain, and .500 S&W Mag./325 grain.

All of these loads feature relatively light bullets for their caliber. And all are loaded to high velocity to maximize energy on target. MVs range from 950 fps for the .44 Spec./200 grain bullet (a hot load for that caliber) to a stunning 2300 fps for the 200 grain .465 S&W Mag. DPX bullet. The .45 ACP +P/185 grain bullet is rolling along at 1075 fps, and the .45 Colt+P/225 grain bullet comes out of the barrel at 1200 fps.

The latter is packing 720 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy and is not loaded in conformance with SAAMI pressure specifications. It is intended for use in Ruger Blackhawk revolvers and T/C pistols. However, for the owner of one of these exceptionally strong guns in .45 Long Colt, this should be an excellent factory load for both home defense and deer hunting. It should also be a lot safer than some of the outrageous .45 Colt loads that are bandied about online, since Cor-Bon has pressure test equipment and the experience to use it correctly.

In summation, Cor-Bon DPX handgun ammunition passed all of our tests with flying colors. It is good stuff. Used appropriately, when deeper than normal penetration and expansion is desirable, Cor-Bon DPX ammunition would be an excellent choice.

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