The .35 Remington

By Chuck Hawks

The .35 Remington cartridge has periodically shown up in a modern bolt action, autoloading, or pump rifle, but its most consistent and popular home has been the Marlin 336 lever action rifle. It is worth noting that in recent years the .35 Rem. has also found a home in single shot hunting pistols.

The factory ballistics for the .35 Rem. look like this: a 150 grain JSP at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 2,300 fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 1,762 ft. lbs.; a 200 grain JSP at a MV of 2,080 fps and a ME of 1,921 ft. lbs. The 200 grain factory bullet is recommended by almost everyone, as a 150 grain .35 bullet has a poor sectional density. It sheds velocity fast and has limited penetration. Accuracy is also reported to be poor with the 150 grain bullet in many rifles. In addition, Hornady has added the .35 Rem. to the cartridges for which LeverEvolution factory loads are available. These use spitzer bullets with soft plastic tips that are safe to use in tubular magazines.

For the reloader the .358" bullet selection for the .35 Remington includes 180 grain, 200 grain, and 220 grain bullets. I have used all of these. A number of medium burning rifle powders are suitable for the .35 Rem.

Here are some specifications of interest to reloaders: bullet diameter .358", maximum COL 2.525", maximum case length 1.920", trim to 1.910", MAP 35,000 cup.

According to the Speer Reloading Manual Number 13 the 180 grain flatpoint bullet (BC .245, SD .201) can be driven to a muzzle velocity of 1967 fps by 40.0 grains of RL-12 powder, and 2224 fps by a maximum load of 44.0 grains of RL-12. The 180 grain Speer bullet makes an excellent deer load, perhaps the best in the caliber.

The Speer Reloading Manual Number 13 also shows that the 220 grain flatpoint bullet (BC .316, SD .245) can be driven to a MV of 1721 fps with 35.0 grains of RL-12, and 1922 fps with 39.0 grains of RL12. These Speer loads used Winchester cases and CCI 200 primers, and were chronographed from a Marlin 336 rifle with a 20 inch barrel.

The 220 grain Speer bullet offers superior penetration for use on larger game. It is the bullet I would choose if I were to shoot an elk with a .35 Rem. rifle. At 100 yards it strikes with about 1,368 ft. lbs. of energy.

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