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The .45 GAP

By Chuck Hawks

2003 saw the introduction of the first pistol cartridge to bear the Glock name. It is called the ".45 Glock Automatic Pistol." The .45 GAP cartridge came about due to requests from American police departments for a .45 caliber cartridge in a pistol with a medium size (9mm) grip frame.

Interestingly, Glock also offers pistols in the standard .45 ACP caliber. Given that fact and the widespread popularity of the .45 ACP among civilian and military shooters alike, one must wonder at the level of acceptance the .45 Glock will receive outside of certain police circles. So far (2016) , it has not set the handgunning world on fire.

Speer .45 GAP factory loads include Gold Dot 185 grain JHP and Lawman 185 grain TMJ bullets at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 1020 fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 427 ft. lbs. At 50 yards the velocity of the 185 grain Gold Dot bullet (BC .109, SD .130) is 937 fps and the energy is 361 ft. lbs.; at 100 yards the velocity is 873 fps and the remaining energy is 313 ft. lbs. The 100 yard mid-range trajectory is +4.3".

Here is some loading data courtesy of the Hodgdon Powder Company:

Starting Load - 185 GR. Hornady XTP bullet, 8.0 grains HS-6 powder, MV 890 fps, 17,700 PSI.

Maximum Load - 185 GR. Hornady XTP bullet, 9.0 grains HS-6 powder, MV 1017 fps, 22,500 PSI.

Starting Load - 200 grain Speer GDHP bullet, 7.0 grains HS-6 powder, MV 795 fps, 17,100 PSI.

Maximum Load - 200 grain Speer GDHP bullet, 8.0 grains HS-6 powder, MV 921 fps, 21,200 PSI.

These loads were developed using Speer cases and Winchester SP primers, and tested in a 5" barrel. Bullet diameter is .451" and cases were trimmed to a length of .750".

Note: A full length article about the .45 GAP can be found on the Handgun Cartridge Page.

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