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By Randy Wakeman

Four years ago, in 2019, I tested the then new Fabarm Elos N2 Sporting, which scored well: https://www.chuckhawks.com/FabarmELOS_N2_Sporting.html . Since that time, Fabarm USA has sought input from clay target enthusiasts on what they would like to see to make a great gun greater. The result of all this is a combination of countless small tweaks and upgrades embodied in the RS model, new for 2023.

The weight has significantly increased, up to 8 lbs. 7 oz. on the tested 30 inch N2 RS model as weighed by myself. The forearm is no longer a Schnable or tulip style: the RS uses with a more robust rounded front. The walnut has been upgraded, the palm swell on the buttstock is more pronounced, and the stock dimensions have been slightly tweaked. The barrel set now has a full length center rib, adding a bit of weight in the right place towards the hinge pin. Several folks have asked where the weight came from and the answer is from steel and walnut. Fabarm USA's published specifications are as follows.


ELOS N2 RS Sporting


12 Ga





Barrel Length

30", 32"




4 EXIS HP™ Competition Chokes

Top Rib

Width 10mm to 8mm tapered


White Bradley style + Silver mid-bead



Frame Finish





Manual (Automatic as an option)


Turkish Walnut (Adjustable Comb comes Standard)

Stock Finish

Matte, Hand Oiled


8lbs 3oz. – 8lbs 5oz.*

Recoil Pad

Microcell 22mm


Hard Case

Overall length of gun w/ .75" extended chokes

48.25” (30” barrels), 50.25” (32” barrels)

Proof Test

1630 BAR


5 years

Left Handed


Length of pull

14.75" (adjustable)

Drop at comb

1.5" (adjustable)

Drop at heel


Cast at toe



Cast at heel


While no single shotgun can fit everyone, the N2 RS comes very close to it. The N2 RS fit me perfectly right out of the box, yet the included adjustable comb, adjustable trigger, and available interchangeable factory recoil pads take care of most folks. The adjustable Micro-Metric comb has independently adjustable bolts for the height, and can be moved to the left or right as you prefer.

In addition, a left-hand stock option is available for a $185 MSRP upcharge. The N2 RS model has four included extended chokes and is shipped in a hard case, with a sticker price of $3575. Your Fabarm dealer sets the final price, of course.

As far as a dedicated clays gun in 2023, the Fabarm N2 RS is an impressive value, for a Blaser F3 will set you back around $11,000 and an F3 barrel set alone runs more than the complete N2 RS. Note that the Fabarm N2 RS comes in well under the cost of a Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Signature, which lacks an adjustable comb. It is hard to discuss shotguns for very long before the omnipresent recoil discussions appear. Yet, it is fundamental that with any fixed breech shotgun, we cannot stray all that far away from gun weight. If you feel that a 7-1/2 pound Browning 725 is a bit too harsh with the loads you want to use, the 8 lb. 7 oz. N2 RS is the answer. The more you shoot, the more you'll notice it.

Comparing Fabarm to itself, the RS is a great value at $3575 compared to the $3325 N2 Sporting, for the upgraded walnut alone easily justifies it. Though not as common in the U.S. as in some parts of Europe, clays guns are often used for volume driven hunts, as you can use the typical 1330 fps 1-1/4 oz. hunting loads enthusiastically without getting beat up with a heavier gun.

There is no question in my mind that the N2 RS Sporting is Fabarm's best-ever all-around clays offering ever, a shotgun that will allow you to compete on any level for many, many years. It is a solid, smooth-swinging shotgun that is also easy to shoulder, with excellent low take-up crisp triggers. Fabarm advises me that their nominal trigger spec is a 3-1/2 pound break. This tested example has triggers that break at a delightful 2-3/4 lbs.

It is hard not to wax enthusiastic about the N2 RS. While I personally like a 30 inch barrel set (effectively 31 inches with the extended choke tubes installed), longer barrel sets are more popular, so I'd speculate most folks will opt for the 32 inch barreled RS. As is the case with all Fabarm USA product, you get a 5 year warranty, industry-leading factory trained gunsmiths and customer service, 1630 BAR proofed Tri-Bore barrels, and 100% Made in Italy construction. All factory chokes up to the 9/10 “Full” choke are steel shot rated. Fabarm USA has a good dealer network in the United States, and offers demos at many of the major shoots as well: https://fabarmusa.com/events/ .

If you don't love this gun, Fabarm will be surprised . . . and so will I.

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