Savage Stance Compact 9mm Pistol

By Randy Wakeman

The new Savage Stance marks Savage Arms entry into the popular concealed carry, polymer framed, striker-fired handgun market. For starters, lets get the usual factory specifications out of the way.

SKU Number 67010

MSRP $548.00

Action Semi Auto

Ejection Port Right

Pistol Size Micro Compact

Barrel Color Natural

Barrel Length (in)/(cm) 3.2 / 8.128

Barrel Material Stainless Steel

Caliber 9 X 19

Magazine Quantity 2

Magazine Style Single Stack

Magazine Capacity (1) 7-rnd, (1) 8-rnd

Magazine Release Ambidextrous

Magazine Detachable Magazine

Overall Length (in)/(cm) 6.2 / 15.748

Overall Width (in)/(cm) 0.96 / 2.438

Overall Height (in)/(cm) 4.6 / 11.684

Rate of Twist (in) 1 in 1:10 RH

Slide Material Stainless Steel

Slide Finish / Color Black Nitride

External Safety Ambidextrous Manual Thumb Safety

Slide Stop Ambidextrous

Frame Material Stainless Steel Chassis

Grip Material Glass-Filled Nylon

Grip Color GREY

Trigger Action Single Firing Mechanism Striker Fired

Front Sights TruGlo Tritium

Rear Sights TruGlo Tritium

Sight Radius 4.75

Weight (lb)/(kg) 1.375 / 0.62

The Savage Stance is an attractive little pistol, and appears to be both reliable and well-made. The Stance comes nicely presented in a lockable plastic box. There are a whopping 14 models of the Stance to choose from. The tested example is the “Stance Grey Manual Safety Night Sights” version. Despite the good build quality and well-done grips, the Savage Stance has a couple of critical flaws that make it impossible for me to recommend it. The ambidextrous manual safety doesn't have nearly enough purchase to make it easy, much less instantaneous to get off.

The stopper on the Savage Stance is the miserably poor trigger. It is heavy, breaking at 6-1/2 pounds or so, but far worse is the long take-up, full of grit and false stops. This makes the Stance quite difficult to shoot well: it isn't a pleasant experience. By comparison, the recently reviewed Mossberg MC2sc nails it, with a 4.1 pound super-crisp trigger, an outstandingly good 14+1 round capacity, and the bonus of being optics-ready. The Mossberg has their version of the Glock safe-action trigger safety, meaning no external manual safety needed or required.

I am disappointed, to say the least. It is ironic that Savage Arms, who revolutionized the bolt action rifle industry with the Accu-Trigger, could stuff it up so very badly with the Stance trigger, although the rest of the pistol shows good promise. 

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