The AccuScope Scope Sighting Reference Chart

By Chuck Hawks

Illustration courtesy of CALCULATIONS MADE SIMPLE, L.L.C

AccuScope is a weatherized "slip stick" type of scope chart made of a durable, laminated paper product (thin cardboard to me). It is approximately 9.25" long by 4" wide and is maybe 1/16" thick. Side one has scope dial adjustment figures for scopes with 1/4 MOA "clicks" and side two has adjustment figures for scopes with 1/2 MOA "clicks" or increments. There is a 6" ruler printed along one side. There is also a version of the AccuScope designed for use with 1/8 MOA adjustment scopes.

Along the top of both sides is a relatively long window that shows shooting distances in yards, from 25 to 200, in 25 yard increments. Below that is a little window for distance off center (in 1/4" increments). You slide the center insert part of the AccuScope until the distance the center of your group on the target departed from the point of aim (in either windage or elevation) is displayed. Then you look above to the long "Shooting Distance" window and directly below your shooting distance should be the number of clicks you need to adjust your scope to bring the group to the point of aim.

The balance of the space on side one of the card is devoted to the "Safe Use of AccuScope" (I kid you not!) and "General Scope Information." The bulk of side two is devoted to the "AccuScope Instructions" (9 steps), and an "AccuScope Example." This information is clearly presented and easy to understand, assuming that you passed English 1A, and maybe even if you didn't.

For example, if your group centered 2 1/4" high at 100 yards, it would take 9 clicks "down" elevation (if your scope's 1/4 MOA adjustments are actually accurate) to center the next group at the point of aim. Then repeat the process to adjust for windage (left/right) error.

If you flunked remedial arithmetic, choose to zero your rifle in the field at some unusual range between 25 and 200 yards (in 25 yard increments that you have accurately measured), or don't understand that 1 MOA equals 1" at 100 yards, and therefore 1/4 MOA = 1/4" and 1/2 MOA = 1/2" at the same distance, the AccuScope may prove useful to you.

Frankly, I test so many rifles and sight-in so many scopes that I have pretty much learned that 1 MOA = 1" at 100 yards, or half that (1/2") at 50 yards and twice as much (2") at 200 yards. And I have learned to adjust my scopes accordingly. I did lousy in arithmetic, but I guess grade school math class taught me that much.

While I found using the AccuScope to be more time consuming than just figuring the number of adjustment clicks in my head, it does give the correct answer every time. AccuScope retails for $9.95. See it online at:

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