By Major Van Harl, USAF Ret.

No, we have not had another attack by al-Qaida on US soil since the 9-11 assault on New York City and the Pentagon, but it is coming. Our own government has said it is not "if" another attack will happen but "when."

The Internet is a great source of information but it can also be extremely scary. If you want to ruin your day type in "al-Qaida targets" and see how many hits will come back.

It would appear that there are in excess of forty nuclear weapons missing from official state inventories. Many of the nuclear devises are what we call suitcase bombs. Meaning they are in the 100 to 150 pound size. Something one or two men could move around. Most would appear to be former Soviet weapons.

So who has them? Al-Qaida seems to have a bottomless pit of money to finance their terrorist missions, to include paying for the services of former military and officials of nations that have weapons of mass destruction (read Russia).

In some Cold War doomsday scenarios it was proposed that the "enemy" (USSR agents) already had brought nuclear weapons into the US. These weapons allegedly were and still are sitting in the basements of unsuspected homes in large cities just waiting to be remotely detonated by sleeper agents.

The 60th anniversary of the US atom bomb attack on Hiroshima is coming up on 6 August. Al-Qaida is now putting out the word that they want to create an American Hiroshima. Detonate a nuclear weapon in a large US city. Then, while the entire country scrambles in reaction to the first bomb going off, a second one goes off a few days later--just like Nagasaki.

In order to make this continue to appear like a religious war the proposed plan is to attack US cities with large Jewish populations (i.e. New York, Chicago, Miami, D.C, & Las Vegas). Think about the recent natural disasters on the Gulf coast. With all the destruction that occurred, the major positive factor was that help could get into the area right away.

If a radioactive device were to be detonated in a US city nobody is going to be rushing in to help. And if you think because you live in small town America and too unimportant to be a target then get on the Internet and research wind patterns over the US. What you don't know may kill you.

The intent is a total disruption of the US economy. If nobody comes out of their homes to conduct a normal life style (work, school & spending money) because they are literally afraid for their lives, the economy shuts down. Twenty years ago there was an average of a five to seven day supply of food on hand in a city. If the supply trucks stop coming and the public figures that out early, then it will take less that seven days to run out of food.

The USDA determined in 2003 that we are down to one day's supply of food in the stores if you project supplies across the entire US. How much nonperishable food do you have in your home? But even more importantly how much water can you store in your home?

The town of Bridgeport, Oklahoma has no water for its 109 residents. They are learning fast what an impact no water has on their peacetime lives and this has been going on for three months. Now multiply that with a national crisis.

I would suggest it is time to get out the old Boy Scout manual and start getting prepared. Better yet, go to the Internet and discover there is a large list of emergence preparedness suppliers out there. Our national, state and local government agencies will tell you that you need to be prepared to stand alone without outside help for three days (72 hours). After that help is suppose to be on the way.

Look at New Orleans and Mississippi; it is six months later and some people are still waiting. This is with the rest of the US not suffering from a disaster. A hundred years ago even the richest most powerful people knew how to use a kerosene lantern and find the outhouse, since there was no running water. I would suspect a large share of Americans have never used a kerosene lantern or been in an outhouse. Be prepared, it is coming.

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