Browning Cynergy Classic O/U Shotguns

By Randy Wakeman

Browning Cynergy Classic Field
Browning Cynergy Classic Field 12 gauge shotgun. Illustration courtesy of Browning.

The Browning Cynergy shotgun was introduced in 2004. It was brand new from the ground up, but unfortunately most models featured what Browning calls "international" (translation: Eurotrash) styling and general cosmetic features that only geometry students could love. The new Cynergy Classic models, however, are an exception to this general rule.

The Browning Cynergy is an O/U that glistens with fresh thinking. It is based on a striker fired design (no hammers). The chambers are chrome plated and the Cynergy uses impact activated selective ejectors. My sample Cynergy Classic Field 20 gauge with 28 inch barrels is a well balanced and fast-handling gun.

Here are some basic catalog specifications for the Cynergy Classic Field O/U shotguns:

  • Type - Over/under with ventilated top and side ribs
  • Gauge - 12, 20, 28, .410
  • Chamber - 3" (12, 20, .410), 2-3/4" (28)
  • Metal Finish - High luster blued barrels, silver-nitride receiver finish
  • Barrel Length - 26" or 28"
  • Trigger - Single Selective
  • Extraction/Ejection - Automatic selective ejectors
  • Stock - Checkered walnut pistol grip type, schnable forend, satin finish
  • Overall Length - 45" (28" barrels)
  • Length of Pull - 14-1/4"
  • Drop at Comb - 1-5/8" (12 gauge), 1-1/2" (20, 28, .410)
  • Drop at Heel - 2-3/8"
  • Average Weight - 7 pounds, 13 ounces (12 gauge, 28" barrels)
  • 2007 MSRP - $2186 (12), $2200 (20, 28, .410)

The Grade I, satin finished, checkered walnut stock and forend are evenly matched in color and tone. The stock has a sharply curved, hooked pistol grip sans cap, while the relatively slender forend is of the Schnabel type. 12 gauge guns are supplied with a conventional shotgun style recoil pad, while the smaller gauge guns come with a plastic buttplate. The steel receiver wears a silver-nitride finish and has some machine engraving. The front of the trigger guard is squared-off, as with previous Cynergy models. The barrel selector is integrated into the top-tang safety in the usual Browning fashion. Most Cynergy field guns are supplied with three Invector-Plus choke tubes. Upscale Grade III and Grade VI Classic Field guns with more elaborate engraving patterns and upgraded wood are available.

Browning delivers on the promise of setting the barrels low into the action by means of a new "MonoLock" hinge. The Cynergy has markedly less muzzle flip than any O/U of similar weight that Iíve ever fired. This is accomplished without barrel porting or other gimmicks of dubious value.

The impact ejectors are powered by two massive springs mounted on the sides of the barrels. This approach eliminates the wimpy ejection experienced on some O/U models. These automatic, selective ejectors are positive and work superbly.

In my opinion the new fast-locktime, single selective, mechanical trigger is an excellent design. What I donít appreciate is the "out of the box" trigger pull weight of just under 6 pounds. The trigger is crisp and otherwise satisfactory, but too darn heavy. It will require the attention of a gunsmith.

In addition to the Classic Field there are Classic Trap and Classic Sporting models for clay target shooters. I consider the Browning Cynergy action to be the best available on a production O/U shotgun today. Previous Cynergy models were obscured by pointless Euro-trash styling and most Cynergy models still are, but the Classic models are well made shotguns that deserve a careful look from anyone considering the purchase of an O/U shotgun in their price range.

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