Bushnell Backtrack D Tour Personal GPS

By Randy Wakeman

The Backtrack D Tour is the latest, most fully featured release in the popular series of handy, economical Bushnell personal GPS devices. Here's the basic feature list:




        Personal GPS Tracking Device with precision accuracy

        Allows you to mark and store up to 5 locations

        Automatically records time (military and civilian), temperature, and altitude

        Weather-resistant construction

        Records course taken, length in miles and yards or meters and kilometers, speed, temp, and elevation

        Precision digital compass with latitude and longitude

        Allows you to easily share data via social media, email or save to computer

        Accelerometer accuracy

        Logs up to 48 hours of trip data

        Keep track of repeated exercise paths

        Upload to social media, email, or computer


To cut straight to the chase for this approximately $90 street price unit (against the Backtrack Point 5 which is approximately a $70 street price product), what you get is the ability to upload your trip data to your PC onto Google Maps. Is it worth it? In my opinion, no, for no graphics are onboard with the D Tour, it is all after the fact and of no use when you are actually using it. That is, of course, unless your rugged outdoor adventure includes a laptop with internet service. To me, this makes little sense, at least no sense above and beyond the Backtrack Point 5. Those looking for more features will quickly bypass this unit in favor of one of several Garmin eTrex units.


This is not a harsh condemnation of the Backtrack series itself. We all need to define our needs and if five waypoints is all you need the Backtrack Point 5 makes a great deal of sense in the price/performance ratio, getting you where you need to be very simply at a current Amazon price of $66.88. That I can readily understand for most common hiking and hunting applications when you have access to things like automobiles, roads and electricity at the end of the day. I'm happy to recommend the Backtrack Point 5, as before, but am hesitant to do the same for this D Tour, which offers nothing in the field and gives you a higher price point and some bells that don't whistle.

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