Caldwell Fire Control Front Rest

By Randy Wakeman

Caldwell Fire Control Front Rest
Photo by Randy Wakeman.

I was favorably impressed with Battenfeld Technologies ( original Caldwell Fire Control Rest. The newer Fire Control Front Rest is even better, more versatile, compact, easier to transport and store. Yet, it retains the effortless targeting and re-targeting of the original. The basic specifications follow.

  • Weight: approx. 18 lbs
  • Base Size: 28" x 9"
  • Base Material: Cast Iron
  • Control Arm Adjustment: approx. 60 MOA (5'@100yds)
  • Coarse Elevation Adjustment Range: 4 inches at the rest
  • UPC#: 6-61120-46884-4
  • 2011 MSRP: $269.99

It takes only a minute or two to set-up out of the box. Used in conjunction with your favorite rear bag, it makes sighting in a rifle, checking trajectory and load development quick and hassle free. "Fire Control" is an alignment system that allows the shooter continual, one-hand adjustment of downrange crosshair alignment via a multi-directional control arm. Gone is the two-handed repositioning of the rifle before and between shots. Just move the control arm with one hand and your cross-hairs are on the bull again and again with minimal fumbling or adjustments, no frenetic movements or re-positioning.

The Caldwell Fire Control front rest is extremely stable and well made. It doesn't move at all between shots, so you can essentially �set it and forget it.� While the original included a rear cradle, this unit is far handier and more compact. The base is cast iron, not aluminum, so it is also more stable. This is an industry-leading product that just became my favorite shooting rest. Even Buddy, the wonder-dog, agrees, as he doesn't have to spend as much time back in the truck between shot strings.

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