Part Two: Can We Endure as a Nation Divided?

By Dr. Jim Clary, Ph.D. & Mary Clary, BSN, R.N.

Previously, we stated that a nation divided against itself cannot endure. In this article, we will answer the question as to whether we believe the United States of America will continue to thrive and prosper, or whether it will break apart into two or more entities. Although the thought of such an event horrifies us, we truly believe that if the socialists who are currently in control of our country continue on their path, the majority of Americans in this country will feel that they have no choice.

People are already talking, sometimes jokingly, at other times; very seriously that secession is the only answer. These people believe that the left-wing socialists that are firmly entrenched on either coast of our nation will not realize the folly and unpatriotic nature of their actions until it is too late. The jokes have become deadly serious. One individual compares Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to Osama Bin Laden, while a comedienne at the recent D.C. party attended by a cabal of socialists wished that Rush Limbaugh would suffer complete kidney failure.

There are even more dangerous comments being made in private by mainstream Americans towards the Washington socialists (elected and appointed) that I dare not mention here, but you have all heard them and quite possibly said them to yourselves. Given the present climate of political hatred by the far left and the far right, one may legitimately ask: Can a nation endure with such hatred and venom? Can a nation survive when each end of the political spectrum seeks to impose their will on the majority of who reside in the middle? The answer to both questions is no. When the comment was made about Pelosi and Reid, folks on the far right chuckled; when the comment was made about Limbaugh, folks on the far left (including President Obama) laughed. We have definitely lost our way. The politics of hatred are alive and well in the United States.

The hardcore left-wing socialists blame all the problems of this country on conservative Republicans and the hardcore right-wing blames the problems on the socialist-progressive Democrats. Neither group seem to recognize, let alone care, that the vast majority of Americans want a government that rules from the center. A bit to the left on some issues and a bit to the right on others. They do not want and will not tolerate for long the extremists on either end of the political spectrum. Representative Barney Frank actually advocates eliminating the Republican Party altogether and only having progressive and liberal Democrats. That sounds like a one party communist system to us.

All of the above brings us to our point. The current crop of left-wing socialists in Washington believe that our Constitution is fundamentally flawed and they would change it in their own image. That includes limiting free speech on the airways (the press will be next) as well as our Second Amendment right to bear arms. It is our personal belief that these folks actually hate America and will do whatever it takes to destroy our democratic republic and remake it into a socialist country dominated by a liberal-progressive �elite�. At that time, our Constitution, if it exists at all, will bear no resemblance to what was written by our founding fathers.

Do not be fooled by their rhetoric concerning the Second Amendment. Because their �trial balloons� leaked to the media on their proposed new excessive and unconstitutional controls on firearms (including registration and confiscation) created an uproar across the country, they have seemingly backed off, temporarily.

Don't you believe it. They still want your guns, all of them! They have simply determined that at this moment in time, it is to their advantage to delay their new restrictions until a latter date. They have even gone so far as to state that they �respect the Second Amendment.� Now, folks, that is an outright lie. Are we calling our elected and appointed leaders who made that statement liars? Yes, we are. You see, their interpretation of the Second Amendment is not the same as yours and mine, or the majority of the citizens of this country. Most Americans, like our founding fathers, believed that the Second Amendment guarantees private citizens the right to bear arms, not only in defense of their home and property, but also our country in times of national strife. The socialists in Washington interpret the Second Amendment to mean our modern day National Guard may be armed and that private citizens have no rights. Hence, they can say that they respect the Second Amendment, AS THEY INTERPRET IT!

If you doubt our words, look at the record. Every one of those individuals who have stated that they �respect the Second Amendment� has supported restrictive regulations and outright bans on firearms by law abiding citizens. That list includes everyone from President Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Their actions speak louder and far more truthfully than their words.

A leopard doesn�t change its spots and politicians don�t change their basic philosophy; they just weasel word their pronouncements to lull the public into a false sense of security. Then, when you least expect it, they will piggy-back restrictive gun control/registration/confiscation on a benign piece of legislation and their dream of a total firearms ban becomes law. That will be the beginning of the end for the Second Amendment and our Constitution.

What can we expect next from our socialist friends? For openers, they will use their regulatory power to control the supply of ammunition and reloading components, making if difficult, if not impossible, for folks to get supplies. Next, they raise taxes on these items to a prohibitive level. Don�t believe us? Look at what they have already done with cigarettes. Even if you don�t smoke, recognize that if they can raise the tax on cigarettes by 156% with the stroke of a pen, they can do it on anything they don�t like: guns, ammunition, reloading supplies, etc.

Remember the Boston Tea Party? It was about taxation without representation. Well, we have taxation without representation going on in Washington right now. Do you really think these folks represent you or have your best interests at heart? We don�t think so. They have their own best interests at heart and, as elitists, intend to impose their beliefs on you (no matter that you do not agree). While they are raising taxes on just about everything in sight, they hope you will believe that refinancing your house at a lower interest rate is a tax cut. Really? Guess we need to go back to basic economics, as we must have missed class the day that absurd idea was proposed.

In summation, we have laid out what we believe are the basic goals of the socialist elite in this country. Do we believe that they will change? NO! Do we believe our country will endure under their leadership? Sadly, NO!

It is our belief that we are in a period of time, similar to that in 1858, when Lincoln proclaimed: �A house divided against itself cannot stand.� The warning signs that our nation was divided in 1858 are present again today. Men and women of reason (on both sides) chose to ignore the signs in 1858. We hope our current leaders will not make the same mistake. George Santayana stated: �Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.� However, we�re afraid the socialist-progressives in this country have chosen to ignore his warning.

The majority of Americans believe that a storm is coming and they are afraid. If you doubt our words, then why is it so hard to find rifle or pistol ammunition? Why is it virtually impossible to buy primers, powder or bullets? Why is there such a scarcity of many types of rifles and pistols in this country? Americans are buying firearms, ammunition and reloading components in record numbers and amounts because of fear. They are afraid that the current crop of leaders in Washington will not rest until all firearms owned by law abiding citizens are banned and confiscated. Americans are following the most basic rule of survival: If you can�t stop the storm (the socialist change), you prepare for the worst.

After having said all of the above, we now ask--no, we beg--our politicians not to drive this country any further down the path to self-destruction. Respect the rights of all Americans. Even if you do not agree with their views or beliefs, they are entitled to them under our Constitution. Respect the Constitution as written by our founding fathers. Do not attempt to change it to conform to your particular view of what our country should be, we like it as it is. Because, if you continue down the path you are following, our great nation will not survive.

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