Canal Street Cutlery Brand Knives Discontinued

By Gary Zinn

During October and November, 2015, rumors began circulating that Canal Street Cutlery was going out of business. Finally, on 4 December 2015, cutlery marketer Derrick Bohn confirmed the rumor in his weekly KnivesShipFree marketing e-mail. His statement was:

"It is with great sadness that I tell you, that this GREAT knife company has closed up shop. There will never be more Canal St. knives."

As I understand it, the Canal Street firm will no longer produce and market its line of traditionally styled folding and fixed blade knives. However, the firm is apparently not defunct as a knife manufacturer. I say this because, very quietly, Canal Street has already designed and began producing a line of fixed blade tactical styled knifes for Dexter-Russell, Inc.

The Canal Street Cutlery affiliation with Dexter-Russell is perhaps explained most clearly on the A.G. Russell Knives website, as follows:

"csGreen River Tactical is a new division of Dexter-Russell, Inc., the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. At the helm of the new division is Wally Gardiner, CEO/owner of Canal Street Cutlery. Hoping to enter the gun accessory market with this new category of tactical knives, csGreen River Tactical is introducing these two new models, a clip point and a drop point - both available in two handle colors."

The knives referred to in this statement are already on the market and are available from A.G. Russell and a handful of additional major internet knife vendors.

Whether the already crowded market for tactical style knives is broad and deep enough to include this new entrant remains to be seen. In my capacity as Cutlery Editor for Guns & Shooting Online, I will monitor the situation and report further on it if and when developments warrant.

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