COAST CL40R Rechargeable Area Light

By Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

Illustration courtesy of COAST Products, Inc.

Light Output (High) – 3,900 lumens

Beam Distance (High) – 285 ft, / 87 m

Run Time (High) – 4 hr 45 min

Light Output (Medium) – 2,140 lumens

Beam Distance (Medium) – 209 ft / 64 m

Run Time (Medium) – 8 hr 45 min

Light Output (Low) – 1,190 lumens

Beam Distance (Low) – 157 ft / 48 m

Run Time (Low) – 16 hr

Now that we have your attention with respect to the lumen output of this light, we can discuss the other features.

Yes, you read the specs correctly, this light generates a high beam of 3,900 lumens. It literally turns night into day over a wide area. And, it does so with a rechargeable lithium battery pack. Coast really went all out when they produced this item. They added in a battery-life indicator which in our opinion is essential for rechargeable units. No more wondering how much time you have left on your battery, the indicator provides you with a fairly good estimate.

The following quote from Coast's website pretty well sums up the benefits of this light:

The CL40R rechargeable clamp work light brings convenience, versatility, and functionality to a new level! The convenient clamp acts as a dynamic stand but can also be stuck to metal surfaces with the magnetic base. The high-strength aluminum clamp can be secured to many workspaces such as on framing studs or truck doors. Once secured, the light can be rotated up to 360 degrees and tilted up to 115 degrees. This allows for the light to be positioned in various ways for optimal lighting in any situation.”

Extremely high light output, battery-life indicator, Coast's lifetime warranty and an MSRP of under $130 (less than $100 online) add up to a bargain, no matter what your budget. If you want a work light for your garage, shop or yard, this is a must have unit. For RVers and campers, take this light along and you will never be in the dark again.

Before we forget, with the included premium quality USB C cable, you can recharge the lithium-ion battery from your vehicle, home or shop, AND recharge your cell phone from the light. When not in use, the light folds flat and flush with the clamp for easy storage.

Additional specifications of the CL40R:

Built-in USB-C port – The USB-C cable is very high quality

Continuous AC/DC power - You can continuously run this work light using an AC/DC power cord.

Dust Proof - IP54 rated

Storm proof – crushproof and waterproof – tested & rated to ANSI/PLATO FL 1 Standards

Weight - 2 lbs / 83.2 oz

To give you an unbiased idea as to how good this light is: We ordered one for our daughter, a Right of Way agent in the tri-state area. The first time out in the evening, a colleague examined the light, went back to his RV and bought one online. That says it all.... this light is the best-of-the-best!

With all of the above being said, there are some folks who do not need such a powerful light; but, could use a somewhat reduced version for backpacking and hunting. Enter the CL20R, with ALL of the same outstanding features of its “big brother” (except the clamp is smaller). And it weighs only just 1.6 lbs / 25.6 oz, ideal for a backpack.

The light output for the CL20R is:

Light Output (High) – 1,750 lumens

Beam Distance (High) – 196 ft, / 60 m

Run Time (High) – 3 hr 45 min

Light Output (Medium) – 940 lumens

Beam Distance (Medium) – 141 ft / 43 m

Run Time (Medium) – 6 hr 15 min

Light Output (Low) – 200 lumens

Beam Distance (Low) – 65 ft / 20 m

Run Time (Low) – 16 hr

The light output on high is 1,750 lumens, considerably higher than all other camp/hunting lights. However, with an MSRP of $79.99, this light sells out fast. So, if you want one for the fall hunting season, we suggest that you order now.

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