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The Column, No. 112:

Henry RAC Update 2017

By Gary Zinn

Henry H015 single shot shotguns
Henry H015 single shot shotguns. Illustration courtesy of Henry RAC.

Henry Repeating Arms rang in the new year by announcing a double handful of new products. Three of these are, indeed, new firearm models, while the rest are variations of existing models. Here is a brief rundown on the new models and variants added to the Henry product line.

Perhaps the most intriguing new product is a pair of .410 bore lever action shotguns, based on the Henry .45-70 lever action rifle. The H018-410 model has a 24 inch full choke barrel with a brass bead front sight and no rear sight. The H018-410R model sports a 20 inch cylinder choke barrel, with semi-buckhorn rear and brass bead front sights. Both shotguns are chambered for 2.5 inch shells and feature five shot tube magazines. The lever action .410 shotguns and the other new model variants below are already being shipped to dealers.

Also brand new to the Henry product line are single shot, break-open action shotguns and rifles. The shotguns will be available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 bore. The 12 gauge comes with a 28 inch barrel and the others with 26 inch barrels. The 12 and 20 gauge barrels ship with a modified choke tube (Rem-Choke type) and the .410 bore model comes with an Invector type full choke tube. All variants will be offered with either steel or brass frames.

The affordable, simple and reliable single barreled, break-open shotgun has nearly vanished from the scene in recent years. These are the guns with which millions of shooters learned to shoot a shotgun in decades past and they are far better for the purpose than bulky and comparatively clumsy repeaters. If you are not familiar with such guns, you will be pleasantly surprised by their slender dimensions, balance and ease of carry. They offer all of the advantages of double barreled guns, except the second shot, and handle even faster for that crucial first shot.

The new break-open action rifles are built on the same frame as the shotguns. (Henry designates both the rifles and shotguns as Model H015.) Steel framed rifles with 22 inch barrels will be offered in .308 Winchester, .243 Winchester, .223 Remington, .44 Magnum and .45-70 Govt.

Brass framed rifles will initially be available in .44 Magnum and .45-70. (.357 Magnum is scheduled to appear later.) All variants come with folding leaf rear and brass bead front sights, and are also drilled and tapped for Weaver 82 scope mounts.

Henry emphasizes that these break-open guns all feature, "the same rebounding external hammer and dual-direction pivoting locking lever setup that blocks hammer contact with the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled, and the same interlock system prevents opening the action with the hammer cocked, or closing it with the hammer cocked, as additional safety measures."

The steel framed shotguns and rifles are scheduled to begin shipment in May 2017. The brass framed guns should begin shipping in July 2017. Like all Henry firearms they are, "Made in America or not made at all."

Here are new variants of existing Henry rifle models, which are already being shipped to dealers. Two 24 inch barrel rifles are being added to the Frontier Model (H001) family. One version is supplied with an octagon barrel, while the other has a round barrel with the muzzle threaded for a suppressor. These rifles are available chambered for .22 S/L/LR and .22 WMR.

A Second Amendment Tribute Edition rifle joins the Golden Boy (H004) lineup. This rifle, actually built on the silver frame, has elaborate scrollwork and gold accents on the receiver plates. It is available in .22 S/L/LR.

Several new variants join the Big Boy rifle lineup. .327 Federal Magnum and .41 Remington Magnum calibers have been added to the Big Boy Classic (H006) rifle and carbine lines. The Big Boy Steel (H012) rifles and carbines are now also available in those two calibers.

The Big Boy Steel is now offered in an All-Weather version, with industrial hard chrome satin plating on the receiver, 20 inch barrel and other metal parts, plus a hardwood stock stained black. This is similar in appearance to the All-Weather .30-30 and .45-70 models introduced last year. The Big Boy All-Weather is available in .44 Mag./.44 Spl., .45 Colt, and .357 Magnum.

Finally, the new Henry Long Ranger (H014) rifle is now available with iron sights. These consist of a ramp front sight with an ivory bead and a folding leaf rear sight designed to clear low scope mounts.

Henry President/Owner Anthony Imperato has been keeping his product development team busy for a while now. The result is a very interesting array of firearm models and variations. One would think that the Henry crew would take a breather at some point, but instead they are continuing to introduce new sporting rifles and shotguns and new calibers in existing models. They seem to know their business and clientele very well and they have the courage and know-how to successfully fill unexploited market niches.

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