The Column, No. 57:

A Material Possession with Generational Value

By Jon Y. Wolfe

Our current materialistic way of life here in the US is unmatched by any other country on the planet. We have more stuff that any generation that has lived before us. Even in this tough economic time, we live more abundantly than those who came before us in terms of comfort, availability of food, accessibility of firearms and other material possessions. I work hard every day, but my forefathers lived hard and living hard in this country is not a necessity in our modern time, it is more often a choice.

When we assess our material possessions, or think in terms of passing them on to the next generation, it escapes our reasoning that often times, the possessions we value will not be valued by our offspring or beneficiaries in the same way we value them. For those of us that value our arms, it becomes evident that the physical properties of the arm itself are not entirely what strike at our core; it�s the associated feeling of liberty and free will that transcends our present state.

Firearms are one of the few material possessions in existence that have the capacity to be used to liberate the oppressed, free the captive and prevent the deprivation of life when it is threatened by mortal harm. In essence, firearms owners have the capacity to prevent the depravation of life, as well as ensuring the preservation of liberty and free will. Therefore, it can be asserted that firearms have a concurrent value; by preserving a life of free choice and preventing the deprivation of your mortal existence.

The ownership of firearms is more than a material possession. It is more than being appreciative of the inherent value of the components and it is more than the enjoyment of recreational shooting; it is the knowledge that our free will and our present state can be preserved should the need arise.

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