Dressed to Kill
A Documentary About Women Who Hunt

By Maria Williams

Dressed to kill
Still photo from Dressed to Kill.

Do the words women and hunting go together? You would probably say no, since from Homo sapiens first appearance on earth, to insure that his species would grow and flourish, men have taken on the role of hunters and protectors. Women gathered and prepared food and took care of the children.

Fast forward to the 21th Century with shopping centers on just about every corner. It is no longer necessary for most men to hunt to put food on the table. Hunting is now considered more of a sport or a time for men to enjoy the outdoors and maybe bring home a prize trophy or meat for the freezer. Alternatively, it can be an opportunity for a father to pass on to his son hunting skills that he learned from his father. Whatever the reason, it is still generally considered a man�s domain.

The documentary Dressed To Kill--Women Who Hunt aims to change the antiquated notion that it is a mans' hunting ground. For the film's 61 minutes you will accompany several groups of women of various ages, some experienced hunters and some experiencing the thrill of the hunt for the first time. The women hunt for various reasons. One of the women provides her family with fresh meat for their daily meals. By forgoing the meat at the local shopping center, they become more in touch and appreciate the life of the animals they eat.

Others enjoy the companionship of like minded women participating in a way of life they grew up around, but in which they were never able to participate. For some it is an opportunity to teach and mentor those women who have an interest in hunting, but may not have had a chance to learn.

Dressed to Kill takes you to five different ranches through out the state of Texas that offer opportunities to hunt partridge, deer, bison and more. One of the hunts I especially enjoyed was a group of new women hunters being taught gun safety, hunting etiquette and respect for the animals that they will be hunting and finally participating in a hunt. What a wonderful way to experience your first hunt in a supportive, non-intimidating environment!

Let's go back to my original question: do the words "women" and "hunting" go together? I say yes. Hunting is no longer just for men and I am sure the women in the video would agree. You be the judge.

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