Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault

By Dr. Jim Clary and the Guns and Shooting Online Staff

Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault
Illustration courtesy of Frankford Arsenal.

When I first received the Ammo Vault for testing, I thought to myself, �Not another plastic ammo box!� Prominently displayed on the side was a sticker which proclaimed: �Nearly Indestructible: Yes, that�s a truck driving over the Ammo Vault!� I rarely believe the advertising hyperbole on outdoor products, so I set out to find out myself if it was true.

I took the RMD-20 and filled it with 20 of my .270 Win reloads, new cases with the old style 140 grain Winchester Silvertips (very soft pointed bullets). I went out to our car port and laid the Vault on the concrete and slowly ran over it several times with my Dodge Dakota pickup, forward and backward. No damage. I then drove the front wheel up on the Vault and parked. I retired to the house for a cup of coffee to see if the weight of the truck would finally breakdown the Vault. One hour later, the Vault was still intact, with nothing more than a few tire marks.

Undeterred, I took the Vault out on the road. I backed the truck out of the drive and headed for the Vault at 15 mph. I was determined to find out how much abuse this box could take. When I hit anything with my truck, I figure it is going to cause some damage. I was correct. The top of the Vault was cracked, yet the locking mechanism held. The cases and their soft tips inside were unmarked and like new. The Ammo Vault lived up to its name.

A bit of epoxy fixed the crack and my test box was as good as new. The Ammo Vault is one tough box and worthy of its name.

The Ammo Vault comes in two models. The RMD-20 fits cartridges in the size range of 22-250 Rem up to the 30-06 Springfield and the RLG-20 is designed for magnum cartridges like the 7mm Remington Magnum up to the .460 Weatherby Magnum.

While the Ammo Vault will never replace those inexpensive plastic boxes that we all have for home or shop storage, I can�t think of a better way to transport your ammunition or carry it into the field than the Vault. Load your cartridges into the Vault and you can throw them in the back of a truck or under your camping gear without worrying about damage.

Ammo Vault Specifications:

  • Locking mechanism with pushbutton release keeps lid from coming off (even if run over by a 1 ton GMC
  • Impact-resistant material won�t break and protects ammo if dropped
  • Over-molded soft-touch top and bottom
  • Foam insert in lid holds cartridges securely to prevent rattling and protects bullet tips
  • Overall adjustable height accommodates just about every cartridge on the market

The RMD-20 Vault has an MSRP of $9.99, while the MSRP for the RLG-20 Vault is $11.99. Both can be found online at somewhat lower prices. I plan on keeping my test boxes, but will order a couple more for good measure.

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