Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Center

By Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Center
Illustration courtesy of Frankford Arsenal.

The Case Prep Center is a slighty modified version of the F.A. Case & Trim Center introduced four years ago. We say modified in that it does not include a case trimmer and the price is reduced accordingly. The reasoning behind this new unit was that most reloaders already have some sort of case trimmer they regularly use and are comfortable with. Therefore, customers did not see the necessity of purchasing a unit with a redundant case trimmer. We have to agree, as we routinely use a Forster case trimmer, while my dad used a Lyman electric trimmer.

The new Case Prep Center is just what the doctor ordered for most reloaders. It includes a Chamfering tool for inside the case mouth, a Deburring tool for the outside of the case mouth and one each Primer Pocket tools (large and small) cleaning and uniforming primer pockets.

The only drawback that we could find was the slow, constant speed of the motor. However, after using both the original case trim system and this case prep unit, we have concluded that the slower speed is optimum. It is not a drawback.

The slower speed eliminates the possibility of putting too much chamfer on the inside of the cases, or too much beveling on the outside with the deburring tool. As with the Case Trim System, this unit allows for precise case preparation. Besides, the goal of reloading is not how fast we can do the job, but how well we can do the job.

Features and Specifications

  • The Center has four powered tool stations and comes with (1) inside chamfer tool, (1) outside deburring tool, (1) small primer pocket scraper and (1) large primer pocket scraper.
  • The Hardened High Speed Steel (HSS) tools will stay sharp for thousands of rounds.
  • 8-32 threaded output shafts accept a wide variety of aftermarket case prep tools.
  • 200 RPM output shafts permits brass prep quickly and efficiently.
  • Aluminum and Steel case construction for extreme durability and long life.

The Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Center is priced within the budget constraints of most reloaders. It has a 2019 MSRP of $119.99.

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