Frankford Arsenal Hand Deprimer

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

Frankford Arsenal Hand Deprimer
The four steps using the Frankford Arsenal Hand Deprimer. Illustration courtesy of Frankford Arsenal, Inc.

One of our least favorite reloading tasks is depriming the brass. We prefer to deprime our brass after it has been resized and polished, so as not to have to dig out media particles from the primer pocket. Because we reload calibers from .223 Remington up to .300 Winchester Magnum and a variety of pistol rounds, it seems like we are always changing the shell holders in our reloading press. Despite the spent primer catcher on our press, there are always a lot of spent primers that wind up on the floor.

This handy tool solves the problem. It comes with three universal collets that cover every caliber from .20 up to .338 Lapua and has a built-in spent primer catcher. In fact, we are able to take a mixed bag of polished brass into our den and watch TV while depriming. Okay, this is kind of lazy, but you get the point.

This hand tool makes depriming easy. No more mess, no more broken pins and no more changing shell holders in the press. It works great for us, as we tumble large batches of mixed calibers at the same time and then sort them while depriming. For those of you who shoot military ammo, it easily removes the crimped primers characteristic of those loads.

This deprimer is very well built out of high-grade die cast aluminum with an ergonomically designed handle. No sore spots in your hands from using it. Your hand may get tired, but you won't develop blisters or bruises.

Features and Specifications

  • Universal collet system to deprime brass from .20 caliber up to .338 Lapua
  • Die cast aluminum construction for extended use
  • Auto-ejecting case holder for easy removal of deprimed cases
  • Comes with 3 different collets for different diameter cases
  • Features an easily removable spent primer catch tube
  • Easily deprime crimped primers
  • Works on pistol and rifle brass
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 2016 MSRP: $64.99

If you deprime a lot of brass, this is a handy tool to have on your reloading bench. It is reasonably priced at $37.99 on the Midway USA website.

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