G&S Online Super-Magnum Red Ryder BB Gun

By Schuyler Barnum

As we all know, Guns and Shooting Online stepped up to the plate to offer handgun hunters a fighting chance when it came to game indestructibility by introducing the G&S Online .825 Express Magnum revolver cartridge. (See the Handgun Information Page for more on the G&S Online .825 Mag.) However, it is now apparent that it isn't just pistols that can't kill, it's everything!

Quite clearly, the old, dependable calibers (such as the .30-06), so loved and revered by enthusiasts, can no longer kill even the smallest game! All the major arms and ammunition companies are trying to cure the problem by introducing ever larger magnum cartridges in ever lighter rifles in order to give hunters a fighting chance to take out game animals.

But, that's not the worst bit. Apparently, game animals aren't the only ones whose indestructibility has vastly increased. Paper targets have suddenly become impervious to the classic BB gun, the Daisy Red Ryder. As a service to our readers Guns and Shooting Online has created, in the spirit of the .825 G&S Online Express Magnum, the G&S Online Super-Magnum Red Ryder BB Gun!

The G&S Online Super-Magnum Red Ryder is a revolution in technology for the classic BB gun. In an effort to defeat the paper bull's-eye's indestructibility, we have turned this little kiddy BB gun into a little kiddy BB gun on steroids, a LOT of steroids!

Here's the new G&S Online Super-Magnum Red Ryder's specifications:

  • Type - Spring operated repeating BB rifle
  • BB caliber - 1.00"
  • Magazine - Tubular, 10 round capacity
  • Action - Lever
  • Action material - G&S Online SuperStrength© Titanium/Steel alloy
  • Barrel material - Carbon fiber wrapped chrome-moly steel
  • Barrel length - 18"
  • Stock - 2-piece, simulated wood grain; Composite of unidirectional fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber with traditional "Red Ryder" signature mounded into right side of buttstock
  • Length of pull - 12"
  • Overall length - 35"
  • Weight - 4.0 pounds
  • 2007 MSRP - $10,000 (estimated); tungsten BBs only $100/10 pack (estimated)

The velocity of the 1" BBs (they are this large in order to puncture the constantly increasing strength of paper targets) is an impressive 1,525 fps. This will not only puncture the targets, it'll keep them punctured! The BBs are made of solid tungsten to add to their paper penetrating ability and to insure that the BB remains ahead of the paper target's indestructibility for years to come.

As before, the Guns and Shooting Online Super-Magnum Red Ryder uses the classic cocking spring action. With only a mild cocking effort increase of roughly 650 pounds, this remains a classic BB gun for your child. What's more, the recoil of the spring is rated "not unpleasant," much like the recoil of our G&S Online .825 Express Magnum revolver. You will no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of a BB failing to puncture the target. Now your BB will make it all the way through any NRA approved paper target, even if the target is behind a concrete wall!

As a final note, the accuracy of this rifle, when fired by 5-year-old kids at a 100 yard range, was impressive. 3-shot offhand groups averaged 0.1" center to center. This is fine accuracy for any BB gun, and approaches the accuracy of today's state of the art, centerfire magnum rifles as reported in contemporary gun magazines.

The Guns and Shooting Online Super-Magnum Red Ryder BB gun is definitely a best buy. The exciting new G&S Online Super-Magnum Red Ryder won't be available in stores, so reserve your Christmas 2007 orders today by sending us your name and address printed clearly on the back of a $1000 bill. They'll be selling like hotcakes!

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