G.P.S. Trigger Gauge and Punch Out Tool

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

G-Outdoors USA continues to come up with useful tools for the hunter and recreational shooter. We will be testing and writing a review on their range bags in the near future. For now, we are reporting on two of their most recent items, The Firearm Trigger Scale and the Wad/Debris Punch Out Tool. Although you won�t use these tools on a daily basis, when you need them you will be glad you bought them.

G.P.S. Trigger Gauge
Trigger pull gauge. Illustration Courtesy of G-Outdoors, Inc.

The Firearm Trigger Scale has an anodized body and stainless steel trigger pull for durability. With the return of adjustable triggers to many factory firearms (thanks to the introduction of the Accu-Trigger by Savage Arms), this handy tool will save you a trip to the gunsmith, allowing you to test the pull on all of your guns, from shotguns to target rifles. It is priced right at a 2011 MSRP of $24.99. We checked several of our guns with known pulls and this gauge was right on. As we said, you won�t use it every day, but it sure is handy to have around when you want to adjust a trigger.

The Wad/Debris Punch Out Tool is really neat. If you shoot factory loads, you will probably never have a wad stick in the barrel of your shotgun; however, if you shoot a lot of skeet and reload your own cases, sooner or later you will get a stuck wad because your press failed to drop enough (if any) powder. A friend of ours who is a member of a California skeet shooting club informed us that at least one shooter every week experiences a stuck wad. Those men are experienced reloaders. In checking with local skeet shooters, just about everyone admitted to having experienced this problem at one time or another. The bottom line is that if you are a shotgunner who reloads, this tool is a must have.

G.P.S. Punch Out tool.
Punch Out tool. Illustration Courtesy of G-Outdoors, Inc.

Even though we don�t reload shot shells, this tool is still part of our regular hunting gear. Why? Because it is great for clearing mud and debris from your shotgun�s barrel after you trip and fall or just get careless and stick the muzzle into the mud. Ok, no one wants to admit that it has happened to us, but it has or will, sometime in the future. This little gem is comprised of six sections that are shock corded and held tightly together when broken down with a Velcro strap. It�s easy to carry in the pocket or backpack. Open it up, give it a shake and it locks into place, extending to 36 inches, ready to push any obstruction out of the barrel.

As useful as the Punch Out Tool is for the shotgun, Jim found an additional use for this tool on his mountain hunts. He uses two Punch Out Tools to prop up the front of the small camo-tarp he carries to put up a lean-to blind in the field. They are more stable than the sticks he previously used and a lot easier to carry and setup. Given its multiple uses, the Wad/Debris Punch Out Tool is a great buy at $19.99 and, if you�re like us, you�ll want two. G.P.S. products can be found at your local sporting goods store. If your local store does not have them yet, they can contact G-Outdoors for a wholesale distributor in your area.

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