G.P.S. Rapid Deployment Pack

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

G.P.S. Rapid Deployment Pack.
Illustration Courtesy of G-Outdoors, Inc.

There are times when you want to head out to the range with a minimal amount of gear for a couple hours of practice. Under those circumstances, you need something to carry your ammo, a pistol and a few extras. The Rapid Deployment Pack meets those criteria. It is light weight, easy to carry and accommodates everything you need for some R&R on the range.

For those folks who feel the need to be ready for the zombie apocalypse with a "bug out" pack, this is just what the doctor ordered. You can load it up with a fair amount of ammo for your rifle, pistol and shotgun and still have room for other essentials like a sandwich and bottle of water. The Rapid Deployment Pack is a neat idea and handy to have around. We like it. The only problem is that our daughter and her husband each want one.

Rapid Deployment Pack Features/Specifications

  • Removable handgun holster inside the pack can be configured for right or left hand draw
  • Durable shoulder strap for fast, easy grab and carry
  • Two external compartments securely hold 4 AR magazines
  • One exterior pistol magazine pouch
  • One exterior Velcro shotgun shell pod that holds 4 shotgun shells
  • Internal storage compartment securely holds 3 additional pistol magazines
  • Internal storage compartments holds one or more boxes of shotgun shells, knife, radio, phone, first aid kit

With an MSRP of $59.99, it won't break the bank. Not to mention that it is a better deal, better made and more versatile than the surplus ones we have seen for on eBay.

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