The Grassburr Leather Works Mountable Holster

By Chuck Hawks

C-Burr holster
C-Burr nylon holster. Photo courtesy of Grassburr Leather Works, Inc.

Grass Burr Leather Works was kind enough to send me a sample of their C-Burr ("C" for Cordura) Mountable Holster for review. These black nylon holsters come in generic sizes intended for small, medium, and large frame autos and revolvers. I requested the C-Burr intended for small frame autos, such as my Kahr PM-9. For those who prefer a fitted leather holster, Grassburr also offers high quality mountable leather holsters.

The basic concept is pretty simple, a holster with integral (that is, stitched on) two-piece mounting hardware that allows the holster to be firmly attached to a wall, pantry, the headboard of a bed, or under the dash of an automobile. Anywhere, basically, that you can attach the other half of the mount, which is secured by four sheet metal or machine screws/nuts (both types are supplied). Grassburr also offers clamp type mounts for motorcycles, bicycles, etc. There are side mounting plates and top mounting plates (both were sent to us) that allow the holster to be oriented with its side or its front toward the mounting surface. Either way, the part of the mount sewn to the holster is located on the front of the holster.

Grassburr holster mounted in a pantry
Grassburr holster mounted in a pantry. Photo courtesy of Grassburr Leather Works, Inc.

The C-Burr Cordura holster is lined and all seams are double stitched. There is a reinforcing strip inside the top edge of the holster to protect it from front sight abrasion. The pistol is retained by Velcro adjustable thumb break straps, much like various other nylon holsters that I have used. It looks to be a durable holster that should hold up well under continual use and last for many years.

The C-Burr comes complete with all mounting hardware for the Reynolds top or Gardner side mount configuration--your choice--for a MSRP of $50. Extra mounting brackets are $15 each. The holster can easily be removed from a top mount and attached to a side mount by removing a single thumbscrew with a round plastic head. Thus the same holster can, for example, be moved from your vehicle to the headboard of your bed at night.

The holster can be rotated 360 degrees on the mount, and the mount can be on the right or left side of the holster for maximum mounting flexibility. The mounts are made of investment cast brass and the removable thumbscrew fastener is a 1/4-20 stainless bolt. These mounts are strong and undoubtedly durable, but quite heavy.

Grassburr holster with mount
Holster showing Reynolds top mount in place. The Gardner side mount dispenses with the top mount plate; its
mounting plate would be where you see the serrated end in this photo. Courtesy of Grassburr Leather Works.

The mount design requires a fair amount of space, as the top mount sets the front edge of the holster about 1 1/4" away from the mounting surface. The side mount gets the side of the holster within about 3/4" of the mounting surface, but because it is a right angle configuration it requires about 1 1/2" of free space in front of the holster.

This is a rigid holster/mounting system that retains the gun securely and allows for a sure draw, but it is so bulky that it will be difficult or impossible to conceal in most locations. One exception that comes to mind is inside the cab of an "18 wheeler," as the big rigs sit so high that no one can see inside, anyway. A suitable pistol in a C-Burr holster mounted inconspicuously in the cab would be an excellent "life insurance policy" for the long haul trucker.

Grassburr holster mounted in truck
Grassburr holster mounted in a pick-up truck. Photo courtesy of Grassburr Leather Works, Inc.

Grassburr also offers a zippered pistol pouch with, essentially, a hole cut in the spine to allow the mounting handware of a Grassburr holster to protrude. The holster inside the pouch is secured by Vercro strips. The pouch, therefore, must be oversize to accomodate not only the pistol, but the holster, too. This technically conceals the pistol, but in fact looks exactly like what it is, a pistol rug. It does serve to largely protect the handgun from dust and dirt, and would seem to be the way to go for a trail bike or ATV installation. It is certainly worth considering for use in any hunting vehicle. As a recreational shooter and hunter this, to me, is a most appealing "mountable" product.

Another option is the Sidewinder, a DeSantis holster mated to a different and more compact Grassburr side mount. The holster part of the Sidewinder mount is actually sewn onto the side (rather than the front) of the holster. This was created at the request of Gene DeSantis and looks like the best alternative where mounting space is limited.

You can telephone Grassburr Leather Works at 214-544-2877 for additional information. Photos, prices and ordering information about Grassburr products can be found on their web site:

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