Part Four: Gun Control is Revolting

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

It is time for gun owners in this country to stand up to the anti-gun fanatics. We need to tell them to shut up, back off and recognize that WE are going to tell them how it is going to be, period!

There are more than 70,000,000 firearms owners in the United States. We comprise the largest militia (U.S. Supreme Court Justice William B. Woods, 1886) force the world has ever seen. We outnumber the active duty US Army, Reserve and National Guard seventy times over. We also outnumber all the nation�s sworn law enforcement officers by the same amount. Given those numbers, why do we let the socialists and communists in our government dictate to us what we can legitimately do with our firearms? It is absolutely ridiculous. We, as a group, can and should tell our elected officials what we expect them to do; after all, they work for us. We must demand that they support our Second Amendment Rights as intended by our forefathers, not as interpreted by activist judges with personal agendas.

It has been said that a litmus test should not be used to select the politicians and judges that we will vote for. We disagree. If the litmus test applies to a Constitutional issue, then it is absolutely essential that we use it. Putting all other issues aside, Libertarians, Independents, Republicans and Democrats should agree that the Constitution of the United States represents the fundamental basis for the success of our democratic republic. Any and all efforts by politicians or judges to undermine that Constitution must be met with a united front by all Americans, or our Republic is doomed.

Our Second Amendment right to bear arms is one of the cornerstones of our democracy and essential if we are to remain free. It is just as important as our First Amendment right of free speech. If either of these is attacked or diminished, our country is weakened and thrown open to the rise of a dictatorship by the socialist elite. There are groups of unpatriotic individuals in the United States, who, for a variety of nefarious reasons, would eliminate the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. A lot of folks will not be happy with the idea that we refer to the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment people as unpatriotic or treasonous. However, if an individual or organization supports eliminating the Second Amendment as intended by our forefathers (Ref: Part III � It is Not a Question of IF, but WHEN?), there are no other words to describe those individuals and organizations.

Article III of the U.S. Constitution defines treason as:to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfor.t� We submit for your consideration that those who would dismantle the Constitution, by eliminating our Second Amendment rights, are indeed levying war against our country and are giving aid and comfort to our enemies at home and abroad. After all, what better way to precipitate the fall of the United States then to encourage those from within to �make war upon� the very foundation of our Republic, the Constitution.

Unfortunately for our country, many Americans have become accustomed to accepting the unpatriotic and treasonous acts of people with power, money or fame. We are reminded of an actress during the Vietnam War who was absolutely a traitor to this country. However, because of her money and Hollywood fame, the liberals turned a blind eye to her actions. Had she given the same aid and comfort to the National Socialist Party of Germany during WWII, she would have been brought to trial and punished for her actions. However, because the Vietnam War was unpopular, she was given a �pass� for her actions by the liberals and socialists.

Liberals and Socialists and Communists (the terms are synonymous) around the country tell us that we should forgive and forget. Never! We will never forget that they cursed and spit on our soldiers when they returned from SEA (including Jim). Nor will we ever forgive the woman who gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Fifty-eight thousand Americans demand that we never forget, or allow such treasonous actions to happen again.

As gun owners, we must stand together, vote together and inform the socialists around the country (both in and out of government) that they are no longer going to be allowed to dictate to us, regardless of the amount of money they have or the political position they hold. We must, as Lincoln said, �overthrow the men (and women) who pervert that (our) Constitution." If we don�t, they will destroy this nation.

Do the math! If the socialists from California and Washington DC (include Chicago in that group) pass laws to register, ban and/or confiscate our guns AND if all gun owners told them to go to hell and refused to obey their unconstitutional laws, there is absolutely nothing they could do about it.

Just imagine what would happen if 70,000,000 angry Americans refused to obey the communist dictates of our corrupt politicians and judges? They would back off very quickly. They would claim that they were only interested in controlling crime, as they always do.

Right! These are the folks who support giving terrorists the same rights as U.S. Citizens. These are the same folks who believe that murderers are simply misunderstood individuals with troubled lives, as if that excuses their behavior. These are the same folks who would grant twelve million illegal aliens amnesty. These are the same folks who are opposed to concealed-carry laws, which have been proven to reduce crime.

Have you ever wondered why gun control is such a popular cause among the liberal-progressives in this country? The answer is simple: they hate guns and the folks who own them because we represent people they can�t control. After all, no dictatorship or socialist government can be successful unless you disarm the citizens. As such, it should not be a surprise to anyone that their guiding philosophies and tactics were adapted from some of the �greatest� men in history, including Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx.

Our politicians, from the President�s coterie to the Speaker of the House and her lackeys, are lying and our country is dying. They claim to respect our Second Amendment rights, but their actions to restrict and eliminate those rights, belie their words. Their public pronouncement that they are only interested in preventing deaths due to firearms is a smokescreen for their goal to eliminate our Second Amendment Rights.

Remember, these are the same politicians, judges and lawyers who give pedophiles and rapists suspended or minimum sentences, proclaiming from their �lofty perches� that rehabilitation is the goal. Liberal justice puts criminals first and victims last!

There are more deaths each year in the United States due to medical errors (100,000) than firearms. However, politicians are absolutely silent on that issue; after all, they don�t want to irritate the A.M.A. or physicians in this country. If the liberal-progressives were really interested in saving human lives, they would lock away the violent criminals in our society, insist that the A.M.A. and U.S. hospitals improve their oversight of medical care and make a real effort to get drunk drivers, who drive their lethal weapons everyday, off our streets.

Gun control is revolting* and that�s exactly what will happen if the liberal-progressives don�t back off from their attempts to take away our Second Amendment Rights. There will be another Civil War (WBTS) in this country if we continue down the path of dictatorial socialism.

If you love your country, don�t let the socialists take it away from you. There are 70 million of us and only a few thousand of them. We must vote them out or force them out of office. There are no other choices if we are to preserve our Republic and avoid a Civil War. Remember the words of Lincoln: �The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both Congresses and (the) courts . . ..� We have the power! However, we must use it before we lose it!

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