Danger, Will Robinson!

By Schuyler Barnum

As we all know, the House and Senate fell to the Democrats in November. Unfortunately, they're already planning the demise of ANY guns in private ownership!

Barely three weeks have passed in the new Congress's session and they've already created four new anti-gun bills. I say this and I shall repeat this again: Stop them before the damage is done.

The first bill to bring up is H.R.256, the so-called "The Child Gun Safety and Gun Access Prevention Act of 2007". This is an ill-advised bill that destroys the rights of anyone under 21 to protect themselves. As if the banning of perfectly legal handguns to individuals 21 years of age weren't bad enough, this proposed law would ban otherwise perfectly legal semi-automatic hunting rifles as well! Has this bill's sponsors considered the brave 18 to 20 year old American soldiers who are fighting the war on terrorists in the Middle East with handguns and select-fire rifles as I write these words? Yet when they come home they will not be allowed to possess civilian versions of these pistols and rifles? Does that make sense to anyone?

It would also ban minors from attending gun shows, which if I do say myself would be a very sorry prospect. This is a matter for parental discretion, not government intervention. I know that I enjoy going to gun shows very much, and I know that I'm not the only minor who does. Soon I will only be able to handle an AirSoft pistol.

Wait a minute! The Democrats are trying to make that impossible, too! To quote H.R. 428: "To require the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban toys which in size, shape, or overall appearance resemble real handguns." Talk about ludicrous! How the heck does a toy threaten anyone? It's a toy. What's next, banning marbles?

H.R. 297, the "NICS Improvement Act" would seem to be based on good intentions, since it pretends to keep criminals from buying guns. But regardless (you do know what the road to hell is paved with, right?), we must not let it pass. We have to push forward to regain the gun rights we've already lost, not step backwards! Anyway, I doubt few criminals buy their guns legally. The JPFO knows what they're talking about when they say that "gun control" is a euphemism for victim disarmament!

H.R. 96, "The Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2007" is probably the worst of the bunch, though. It would essentially destroy gun shows altogether. It is blatantly anti-gun ownership, since there is no "gun show loophole." All firearm purchases at gun shows are already subject to the exact same Federal background check and state laws as firearms purchased in a retail store. No more needs to be said about H.R. 96.

So, please defend your individual rights. Write to your Senators and Congressman. And DON'T LET THESE BILLS PASS!

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