1978 Honda CB125

A letter to the Editor from Aedan M. Sheehan

Last month, at age 15, I bought an (obviously) used 1978 Honda CB125s with a retrofitted Harley 883 Sportster gas tank. The tank on the CB was dented beyond repair and, in my opinion, ugly. The 883 tank was a perfect fit, although I did have to weld on new mounts.

Just today, I was looking over the articles on the Motorcycles and Riding page and noticed the "Good first motorcycles" article. When I saw the section on the CB125, I really took notice. I was thrilled to see the CB125 recommended, as I think it is a perfect motorcycle on which to learn to ride.

I have ridden a Yamaha XS650 and XS750, BMW R-90-6 and assorted small Jawas. (My dad owns the big Yamahas and BMWs.) Yet, every Saturday morning when I go out to ride the fire roads near my mid-coast, Maine home, I go for my CB125. It is easily the most capable and versatile motorcycle of the bunch.

Realistically, it tops out at an indicated 62 mph, which is plenty fast enough for my purposes, and yet it is capable on the snowmobile trails that follow power lines. At 1/4 throttle and in third gear, it will cruise capably at 30 mph on back roads, ready to throttle back to 25 mph to enter corners and accelerate to almost 40 mph up hills and on straight-aways, with no "weather helm" or other handling problems.

It is as reliable as a pre-'64 Winchester Model 70. Every morning it fires up enthusiastically on the first or second kick (in my opinion, every motorcycle should have a kick starter, excepting those displacing over 1000cc's) and accelerates nicely from a stop. For simple, easy, fun riding, NOTHING beats it. In addition, you can expect to ride for a while. You will not want to stop and you won't have to, considering that the CB125 gets better than 100 miles per gallon, depending on how it is ridden.

Anyway, Mr. Hawks, I wanted to send you my opinion on the little bike and to convey my sincere hope that your web sites continue to prosper.

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