Islamo-Patricios (I-PATS)

By Major Van Harl, USAF Ret.

In 1846 the US went to war with Mexico. There is some historical evidence that perhaps we did not need to invade Mexico, but the upside is we own Texas and the southwestern states. The US did not have much of a standing army when it decided to go to war, so it called for volunteers to fill the ranks.

Ireland was in the middle of a potato famine and thousands of poor Irish immigrants came to the US. Many of these new immigrants joined the army and headed south to fight Mexico. Among these were men who had already deserted from European armies. Thus, the issue of loyalty, or the lack there of, for a country whose uniform they were wearing was in question. Besides the Irish there were German, Swiss, Scots and other immigrants who were Roman Catholics.

As the killing of war commenced, these questionable new soldiers started to desert. They were not, however, the only deserters. Over 9000 men deserted the US Army during that war. The problem was that the Irish deserters did not head back home like the rest of the 9000; they switched sides and joined the Mexican army. Many of the deserters were skilled soldiers from mercenary service in European armies. They fought very well and in many cases they were the force that held the line for Mexico when its own countrymen cut and ran in battle.

The deserting American immigrants were formed by the Mexican Army into the Saint Patrick’s Battalion and were know in Spanish as the San Patricios. A little over half of the San Patricios were actually Irish. The biggest complaint and offered reason for the San Patricios deserting was the belief they suffered maltreatment at the hands of the Anglo-Protestant leadership of the US Army. The fact that Mexico was a Catholic country allegedly was a primary reason for switching sides during the war. The fact the San Patricios were offered 300 acres of land, money and advanced promotion in the Mexican Army may have had some influence in their desertion. The biggest issue was the lack of loyalty by the new immigrants to the United States.

Fast forward to our current war on terrorism. I have extremely strong reservations about some of our newest immigrants. The US is at war with Islam. In the press, we must say that it is only the Muslim terrorist or fundamentalists who are our enemies, but that is foolish and will get Americans killed in the future. We have immigrants from multiple Islamic countries who are economic refugees, not people who have come here to embrace the American way of life. To be fair, probably most people who immigrated to the US were economic refugees, but they did not represent a religion that wants nothing less than world domination.

Islam is a religious culture that has failed to bring prosperity to its people, so to deflect failure they project hatred and intolerance on the rest of the world. Sadly, I believe that in my life time there will be an actual total war against Islam. The US with a handful of supporting nations will have to crush the sword of Islam and this action will know no borders.

What will the millions of Muslim Americans, of whom most are recent immigrants or only first generation Americans do when this religious war comes? I would suggest we will again have a San Patricio issue on our hands. Islamo-patricios (I-pats) will cast off their “Islam is a peaceful religion” facade and cause death and destruction inside the US borders. We will suffer the same type hit and run attacks on the streets of America that goes on in Islamic countries now. If they will randomly kill their own Muslim brothers, why do you think they will act any better in the US, a country full of infidels?

I find it un-nerving that this country rejects a political candidate because he is a Mormon, but rushes to support a candidate who was a Muslim. We still have prejudice against Christians who once practiced polygamy, but can fall all over ourselves to embrace Muslim and alleged former Muslim politicians. Polygamy and domination of women is part of their basic religious structure. The sword of Islam wants to destroy the United States and I truly believe there are future Islamo-patricios sharpening their swords and cleaning their rifles. Waiting to rise from their American homes to strike and kill their fellow Americans. Fear mongering, perhaps; American Muslims, prove me wrong!

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