Jen Reviews: 30 of the 100 Best Things to do in Las Vegas

By Jenn Miller

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The heart of the Las Vegas Strip at night as seen from the Stratosphere Tower. Photo by Chuck Hawks.

  • Caesars Palace: This iconic casino is one of the last of its kind that is still sporting its old-school decadence, located on the Strip just 5km from the airport. If you are feeling lucky and want a taste of the high roller life, try the $500 slot machine near the entrance at the Palace Casino and drop a gold plated token for a chance at a million dollars. Browse the most famous indoor shopping mall in Las Vegas.

  • Aurole Las Vegas: There are over 4,500 wine bottles housed in the four floors of Aureole's wine tower. Order a bottle and watch one of the harnessed wine angels float into the air to fetch it for you. Enjoy your bottle of wine with main courses by renowned Charlie Palmer and end your meal with tempting desserts by Megan Bringa. The restaurant is located just a 10-minute drive from the Strip.

  • Paris Las Vegas: Did you know that you can take a trip around the world without ever leaving Las Vegas? The first stop on your itinerary should be to have a Parisian night by visiting the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, on the Strip.

  • Sky Lounge: Just 6.5 km away from the Strip, you can catch an amazing sunset with the 360-degree views at 107 SkyLounge and watch the Las Vegas skyline start to light up as day gives way to night. And while you are at it, enjoy the view with one of the finest cocktails on the strip, prepared for you by award-winning bartenders.

  • The Venetian: You don't need to go to Venice for a romantic gondola ride. Located on the Strip, the Venetian has numerous attractions, including a relaxing glide along the Grand Canal while being serenaded by a gondolier on a genuine Venetian gondola. Stroll the Grand Canal Shoppes lining the Venetian mall. The Grand Canal Shoppes is an area housed inside the Venetian Hotel and is every shopper's ultimate dream. When you need a break, have a meal at one of their many fine restaurants.

  • Wynn Lake of Dreams: This secluded lake at Steve Wynn's Wynn Hotel and Casino is awe inspiring especially at night, when it comes to life with water and light shows. Find a spot with a good view of the lake at one of the many surrounding restaurants and lounges. There are also free vantage points around the area. Wynn Las Vegas is located on the strip, just six kilometers from McCarran International Airport.

  • New York, New York: Want a feel of New York City in Las Vegas? Then book a stay at this New York themed hotel and casino on the strip just ten minutes away by car from McCarran International Airport. Visit the Statute of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park and marvel at their interpretation of the New York skyline.

  • The Bellagio: Built as a replica of Lake Como in Italy on the Las Vegas Strip, the Bellagio is perhaps most known for its iconic dancing fountain show, which is probably the most iconic spectacle in Las Vegas. Be amazed at this awe-inspiring audio, water and light show. Catch the seasonal exhibits at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, all for free. Book a room in one of the 36 floors of this Italian themed premier hotel, preferably with a view of the eight acre lake that houses its legendary dancing fountains. The Bellagio is located on the strip just 5 km away from McCarran International Airport.

  • The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge: Gather five friends and assign a designated driver before taking on the giant cocktail at the Fireside Lounge, a Las Vegas icon that has been around for four decades at The Peppermill, located on the strip.

  • The Neon Museum: Las Vegas will always be known for its neon signs, so it is only fitting they've put up a museum to honor these artistically and culturally significant landmarks of the city. 10 kilometers way from the Strip, located in downtown Las Vegas, visit the Neon Museum to marvel at restored signs from old shops and casinos. Even the museum's visitor center is a historical relic, as it is the restored lobby of the La Concha Motel.

  • The Mob Museum: Located at the heart of Downtown Las Vegas and a 15 minute drive from the Strip, the Mob Museum can be found within an old courthouse and offers a glimpse of the historical significance of organized crime in the city.

  • Sky Combat Ace: Drive 23 km from the Las Vegas Strip to Sky Combat Ace and get a chance to experience flying a (dual-control, with instructor) fighter plane.

  • Atomic Testing Museum: Just a 13 minute walk from the Strip is a museum that provides a different take on Las Vegas, away from its glitzy and glamorous past. The Atomic Testing Museum sheds light on the nuclear tests that took place in the Las Vegas desert many decades ago.

  • Bonanza Gifts: Located on the Strip, you can shop for Las Vegas souvenirs at what is supposedly the world's largest gift store. This Vegas institution has every souvenir imaginable to remind you of your Las Vegas vacation.

  • Stratosphere: The tallest building in Las Vegas (1149 feet) is located at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip and the view from the observation deck and lounge is definitely worth the trip. Stratosphere also offers adrenaline-pumping rides at the top that make use of the building's towering height: The Big Shot, X-Scream and Insanity.

  • Battlefield Vegas: Located six kilometers from the Las Vegas Strip, Battlefield Vegas is a shooting range that offers its guests hundreds of weapons to choose from. Test a handgun or an automatic rifle. If you are not particularly keen on shooting guns, Battlefield Vegas has something else to offer with the tank crush, where (for serious bucks) you can run over a junk car with a tank!

  • Hotel Silverton Mermaid Bar and Lounge: Looking for an aquatic experience without leaving land? Located 10 km from the airport, the Mermaid Bar and Lounge offers you a dining experience unlike anywhere else in Sin City, where you can enjoy great food and drinks next to a massive saltwater aquarium. The aquarium, at over 100,000 gallons, features thousands of tropical fish and mystical mermaids.

  • The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan: This multi-story spectacle is designed like a chandelier, with a high-energy bar at the bottom and an elegantly designed lounge on top where you can enjoy one of their many cocktails. The Chandelier is located at The Cosmopolitan, just a 5 km drive from the McCarran International Airport.

  • Las Vegas Springs Preserve: Nature lovers would appreciate a break from the concrete jungle and dizzying lights of Sin City, so drive 12 km from the strip and visit the Las Vegas Springs Preserve and marvel in its almost 200 acres of desert botanical gardens, walking trails and museums.

  • Luxor: Explore the amazing, pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel and Casino, Sin City's fifth largest hotel and the ninth largest in the world. Luxor is located at the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip, just 10 minutes away from the McCarran International Airport.

  • The Fremont Street Experience: This spectacular light show, every hour after dark until midnight, in the heart of downtown Las Vegas must not be missed. The first Friday of the month the Fremont Street Experience Mall comes alive with one of the world's largest block parties. Take part in numerous events and activities and catch live performances the Fremont Street Experience Mall at downtown Las Vegas, just 8 km from the Strip.

  • Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium: Take a break from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment capital of the world and dive into an underwater wonderland at the Shark Reef Aquarium in Mandalay Bay, on the Strip and just a 10 minute drive from the McCarran International Airport. The aquarium's main tank contains over a million gallons of water and plays host to various species of fish, sharks, stingrays and other marine life.

  • M&M's World: Chocolate lovers should not miss a trip to M&M's World Las Vegas, located at the corner of The Strip and Tropicana Avenue. The building is every chocoholic's dream, housing four floors devoted solely to M&M's. You can even make your very own personalized M&M's at their personalized printing machines, a perfect souvenir to take home after your trip.

  • Symphony Park: Situated in Downtown Las Vegas, take a break from the concrete jungle of Las Vegas at the Symphony Park. It is Downtown Las Vegas' answer to New York's Central Park, a sprawling and beautifully landscaped space next to The Smith Center of Performing arts and just a 10 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip.

  • The Mirage Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat: Yoga lovers would enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience at The Mirage, on the Strip just 8 km away from the McCarran International Airport. At the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, yoga enthusiasts of all levels can attend a dolphin yoga class! The class is held in the underwater viewing area among the dolphins.

  • Red Rock Canyon: Take a side trip away from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and into the amazing natural scenery of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just 30 km from the McCarran International Airport. Take a scenic loop around the canyon through the many available tours or visit Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, once owned by Howard Hughes, for amazing views.

  • The Auto Collections: Classic car enthusiasts should pay a visit to The Auto Collections at The LINQ Hotel and Casino, just 700m from the Las Vegas Strip. The exhibit showcases over 300 classic cars, including automobiles owned and used by famous personalities, such as a 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan by Johnny Carson and a limousine used by John F. Kennedy.

  • The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat: The Las Vegas Strip probably seems like an unlikely place to have a wildlife habitat for exotic birds, but that is exactly what the Flamingo Hotel and Casino has as one of its main attractions. Visit the outdoor habitat to see pink flamingos, as well as other birds from all over the world.

  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum: Families will enjoy a trip at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, located just 10 km away from the Las Vegas Strip. The museum has an extensive collection of animal exhibits, from prehistoric displays featuring the tooth of a wooly mammoth to a pool that houses baby sharks and stingrays.

  • The Sirens of Treasure Island: Situated right on the Strip just 13 km away from the McCarran International Airport, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is home to the production Sirens of Treasure Island. The show features beautiful sirens battling and dueling pirates with in Siren's Cove to energetic music. Performances are filled with dance, danger and excitement.

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