Jews and Guns

By An American Jew

I thought you might like to hear from a Jew who is proud and privileged to be a responsible American gun owner and who is thankful for the protections written into the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, many Jews are against all forms of gun ownership. I believe that their beliefs, which are also protected by our Constitution, stem from a deep-rooted fear, which prevents them from being rational on this issue.

As you are probably aware, for two thousand years the Jews have lived under the heel of oppressive governments who can only be described as being bad or worse. Under these repressive regimes (modern day Iraq is a good example) Jews have been unable to protect themselves, and the only response was to put ourselves at the mercy of those in power and to live, or die, at their whim. The ownership of weapons or the thought of using them was literally unthinkable.

The Jews in America today are suffering from this historical baggage of oppression. They are literally unable to be rational on this issue. There are, however, many Jews, like me, who love this great country, who believe in the Second Amendment, and who are proud to live in a country which trusts its people. Many of us are responsible gun owners.

I urge all responsible gun owners to vote out of power all of those who would make all of us into criminals.

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