Knight Rifles Hits a Homer;
the Thunderdome is Here!

By Randy Wakeman

Knight Thunderdome breechplug
Illustration courtesy of Knight Rifles.

I've long appreciated several qualities of the Knight Disc rifles. They are evolutionary, not revolutionary. Currently, I'm referring to the Knight bolt action rifles, the Knight Extreme, and (one of my all-time recently departed favorites) the Knight Disc Elite.

The Knight barrel quality has been uniformly good, and their triggers have been excellent. The Knight adjustable triggers, usually quite acceptable out of the box, can be adjusted by Knight for free. This is something that no other manufacturer offers. Knight composite stocks are outstanding as is their customer service, and that is saying something.

Muzzleloader shooters are a fickle lot, responding more to hyperbole than substance. We seem always to be asking, "What's new?" rather than, "What's good?" The old C-Lect tool Knight bolt was considered a hassle, and the current "non C-Lect tool bolt" can be expeditiously taken down with fingers only--no tools required. This is a nice improvement.

We've lamented having to use cappers to cap and decap our rifles. We have asked for something than cannot stick, cannot be loaded backwards, and is completely weatherproof. We got it in the form of the red plastic jacket.

But that wasn't enough, though it gives us controlled primer insertion and extraction. We have cried a bit because it takes a hex head wrench to remove the bolt stop screw. Well, no more. A quick release bolt is now standard on Knight Disc rifles; no tools of any kind are needed to get the bolt out instantly.

We still are not happy. The red plastic jacket leaks a bit, and after twenty shots or so there is enough crud on the bolt to make it gritty at the range. Only a paper punching issue, not a hunting issue, but it is true that the red plastic jackets do leak a bit too much. Those days are gone.

Knight has introduced a new "domed" breechplug. It fits the Knight Extreme series in all calibers, and also the Knight Revolution. Not a gimmick, the goal was to dramatically reduce the external blowback in these rifles. And it just plain works! The precise amount of blowback reduction will vary a bit by rifle and specific loading, but in my testing it cuts it way, way down. I'd say by about 50% or more. Already easy to clean (easier than some break-actions and easier than their own Revolution), the Knight Extreme Disc rifles just became even more desirable.

The nipple is the same, the threads are the same, but you have a domed (convex) face of the breechplug with a smaller exiting flash hole. The picture says what my words probably fail to convey:

It does the trick, so if you own a Knight Bolt Action rifle or a leaky Revolution run, don't walk, to the phone and grab one of these puppies from Knight. The cost is only about twenty bucks. You'll be glad you did!

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