KonusPro Riflescopes

By Chuck Hawks

KonusPro 2-7x32mm
Illustration courtesy of Konus USA Corp.

KonusPro riflescopes compete in the two-star (**) price class against economical models such as the Bushnell Banner line, some Simmons scopes and the upper end of the Tasco line. Most KonusPro scopes come with a matte black finish, although a couple models are also available in a stainless (silver) finish.

All KonusPro scopes are nitrogen charged and waterproof / fog proof. Most feature the Konus engraved, heavy caliber, recoil proof "30/30" reticle (more on that below), as well as fully multicoated optics, a rubber eyepiece ring, and fingertip windage and elevation click adjustments. Packaged with each scope is an instruction booklet written in 12 languages, "limited lifetime" warrantee (North and South America only), lens cleaning cloth, and scope caps. The 4x and 2-7x models include a pair of aluminum mounting rings designed for attachment to a rimfire rifle's 3/8" dovetail rail, although these scopes are also suitable for use on centerfire rifles.

KonusPro riflescopes are available in fixed power, variable power (zoom), and illuminated reticle models. Eyepiece focusing is achieved "American style" by the multiple turns of the ocular bell, and once focused a knurled locking ring secures the ocular bell. Turning a large knurled zoom ring located just in front of the ocular bell changes the magnification on variable power models. These scopes are made in Red China. Here are the KonusPro riflescope models available at this time.

  • 2.5x32mm fixed power
  • 4x32mm fixed power (silver or black, includes rings)
  • 6x40mm fixed power
  • 6x40mm fixed power illuminated
  • 10x50mm AO fixed power
  • 1.5-5x32mm zoom
  • 2-7x32mm zoom (silver or black, includes rings)
  • 3-10x44mm zoom
  • 6-24x44mm AO zoom
  • 3-12x50mm AO zoom (w/lens hood)
  • 3-9x32mm zoom illuminated
  • 3-10x44mm zoom illuminated
  • 3-12x50mm AO zoom illuminated

The Konus 30/30 reticle deserves special mention. It is a Duplex style reticle with a very fine central crosshair that can be used to roughly estimate range when the scope is set at 4x magnification. At 4x the central gap between the heavy posts of the horizontal crosshair (the area occupied by the fine crosshair) is equal to 30" at 100 yards. (That would also mean 60" at 200 yards and 90" at 300 yards.) It is sized to encompass the torso of an average size, North American buck deer at 100 yards. At 200 yards the torso of a buck should fit into half of the reticle's central gate (or between the point of one post and the intersection of the crosshairs). At 300 yards the buck should subtend about one third of the reticle's central area.

The optics of the KonusPro scope that we reviewed (see the Product Review Page) were surprisingly good, especially considering its modest price. It provided a sharp, clear image with good resolution edge to edge. Optical aberrations were well controlled, and flare was not a problem.

The fingertip adjustments in our sample did click, but they were not particularly positive. They worked about as well as can be expected for a scope in the two-star price class, which is to say that they were not extremely accurate, but were sufficient to zero in a rifle without wasting too many cartridges. This 2-7x32mm zoom scope provided 3" of eye relief, which is marginal for magnum and medium bore rifles, but it is adequate for most standard centerfire calibers.

All in all, the KonusPro scopes seems to represent fair value for the modest investment involved. They appear to be serviceable scopes and the price is modest.

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