MMP 3-Petal EZ Sabot

By Randy Wakeman

Naturally, all of us prefer a sabot that loads smoothly, with very little ramrod pressure. Problem is: there are no ".50 caliber muzzleloading bore standards." Anything from .49 caliber to .51 caliber has been passed off as "Fifty Caliber" over the years with no end in sight.

The new "3 PETAL-EZ" MMP sabot, black in color made distinctive by (yes, you guessed it) three petals instead of the routinely offered four petals adroitly addresses this issue. It is made of latest formulation MMP polymer blend, and is suitable for most .451 and .452 bullets commonly used in muzzleloaders (225 grain to 300 grain). So, if the saboted combination you are using takes more effort than you would really like, this well may be your solution. It has already produced outstanding accuracy in a number of muzzleloaders that can have tight bores (Thompson, Austin & Halleck, Traditions, CVA) and other brands, with up to 50% or more reduction in loading force required.

Maybe that .4515 Sierra bullet or that .452 Hornady XTP loads just a little bit too tightly? This can get you there. Same goes with a .451 Barnes that loads well in most muzzleloaders, but is just a bit too hard to seat in yours? The "3 PETAL-EZ" can be the fix. It allows accurate use of bullets you just couldn�t load before, and makes any bullet that loads too tight for your tastes load easier. Perhaps loading with a clean oily, bore works smoothly, but you find that after a recommended fouling shot it is too tough to load? Or more likely, a follow-up shot on a fouled bore is difficult, if not impossible? A bag of these 3 Petal-EZ sabots is a very, very easy approach to try. It may even be NASA approved, for all I know.

So, don�t let your tight frontloader bore drag you down. The now-available solution is a phone call to the friendly folks at MMP or online at

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