Morris Feel Gloves

By Chuck Hawks

Morris Feel Gloves are the hunter's friend. These are reasonably heavy soft cloth gloves, but not so heavy that they make operating a rifle difficult. There are small glove leather reinforcements on all of the finger tips except the index (trigger) fingers, and a small leather palm reinforcement. There is a wide band of elastic material to tighten the glove around the wrist.

The pad of the index fingers is covered by a soft silk or silk-like fabric patch that allows good trigger feel when it comes time to shoot without removing a glove. Hence the name "Feel Gloves."

Shooting gloves that keep the hands warm are certainly a great asset during the fall/winter hunting season across most of North America. I have used Feel Gloves for many years.

Another excellent feature is that the Morris Feel Gloves come in a camo pattern of dull greens and browns that makes the hands much harder for game animals to see. Hand movement is a human weakness. We move our hands a great deal, often unconsciously, much as dogs and cats move their tails. This movement is easy for game animals to spot and is the most common visual tip-off to human presence. Light skinned hands like mine are the easiest to spot, so the Morris camo gloves are a valuable asset to concealment.

Like most gloves, Morris Feel Gloves are intended to keep the hands warm. And, for fabric gloves, they do a good job. I have worn them when temperatures dropped into the 20's F, which is as cold as it gets where I live. And I have used them with satisfaction in the rain. They are not waterproof, but they appear to be made at least in part from a synthetic fabric. Morris Feel Gloves have kept my hands warm for many hunting seasons here in Oregon, and I consider them a bargain at their modest retail price of under ten dollars.

I bought my last pair of Morris Feel Gloves in the sporting goods department of my local Bi-Mart discount department store. Bi-Mart has the Pacific Northwest pretty well covered with stores. If you live elsewhere, you will have to do your own research to track down a pair of Morris Feel Gloves. It is worth the effort.

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