New to Muzzleloading & the Savage 10ML-II?
Here's the Accessories You Need

By Randy Wakeman

The Savage 10ML-II has brought a lot of people into the "one shot, and make it a good one" sport of muzzleloading by removing what most people really dislike about muzzleloading: burnt scopes, crummy triggers, filthy and corrosive propellants, fouling "crud rings," and the need to immediately clean your rifle after shooting.

Aside from what is in the box of a new 10ML-II AccuTrigger, here's what you might need for a lifetime of shooting pleasure:

1) Scope Bases: I use Weaver Grand Slam #S46 two-piece bases, front and rear.

2) Scope Rings: I prefer Warne Steel Maxima Quick Release medium height rings (good for up to a 44 mm objective for most brands of scopes).

3) Powder Measures: the inexpensive Lee Powder Dippers (the 3.1cc and 3.4cc dippers) work great with Accurate Arms 5744 powder. For other powders, weighing the charges via an inexpensive balance beam scale or an electronic scale gives better accuracy.

4) Extra Breech Plug: not mandatory, but handy to have. I have an extra breechplug or two for all my inlines, regardless of manufacture.

5) Breechplug lube: Birchwood-Casey choke tube lube for the ventliner and breechplug works great. A pound of "Never-Seize" (Mil-Spec 907E) or equivalent product from your local auto parts supply store will probably be a lifetime supply.

6) Primers: Standard Winchester W209 shotshell primers work just fine.

7) Ventliners: You get a few extra from Savage with your rifle; replace after every 100 shots (box of primers). I make through-hardened ventliners good for 400 shots or more that are easier to work with.

8) A 5/32 in. drill bit is used to remove primer carbon from your breechplug after every 100 shots. This is the only maintenance your 10ML-II needs. Primer carbon remains in your breechplug, not blowing back into your action like other muzzleloaders. The bolt is not designed to be disassembled, nor does it ever need to be.

9) Aftermarket "range rods" and ramrods are available. The XS Sights "PowerRod" is a good aftermarket ramrod. The "Spinjag" seats most all bullets with ease. Botrh have been reviewed on Guns and Shooting Online. The Spinjag and the Savage supplied ramrod is likely all that you will ever need.

10) I use Hoppe's #9 as a bore cleaner, cleaning after every 100 shots. I prefer Breakfree CLP for a long term bore protectant.

11) I get my sabots direct from MMP sabots; They are the best. I hunt with a variety of Barnes Bullets, but the standard .452 250 gr. and 300 gr. Hornady XTP's have given excellent performance in the Savage 10ML-II for the last seven years.

So, that's the basics. Clean your gun after every 100 deer or 100 shots, and have fun!

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Copyright 2006 by Randy Wakeman. All rights reserved.